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Sec.8/ Part 2 Miracles
Date: Thu Jun 25 1998 - 16:26:05 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas,
Presented below is Section 8 of Part2 Miracles from my book "Myths, Miracles
and Mysticism"
Anbil Ramaswamy
Section 8

Miracles and Sahasranama

In this connection, the efficacy of reciting the 1000 names of the Lord can be
gleaned from the 'Phalasruti' of Sri Vishnu Sahasranama which lists the
following reliefs. It should be remembered that   if the recitation of
specific names are advised and initiated by the Acharya and properly recited
as advised, they will be more effective than when they are without such
initiation and proper recitation.

Yah Idam Srunuyaat nityam Yaschaapi Parikeertayet
Na Asubham Prapnuvyaat kinchit saha amutra iha cha maanavah
Nothing inauspicious or unwelcome will accrue either in this world or in the
world beyond, to that man who hears this daily and who also recites it 

Vedaantago Braahmanah syaat Kshatriyo vijayee Bhaveth
Vaisyo Dhana Samvriddhi syaat Soodro Sukham Avaapnuyath
If the person is a Brahmin, he will attain the knowledge of the the  Vedanta
(Upanishads). If he is a Kshatriya, he will become a great victor. If a
Vaisya, he will acquire immense wealth. And, if a Sudra, he will enjoy great

Dharmarthee Praapnuyath Dharmam Arthaarthee cha Artham Aapnuyaath
Kaamaan Avaapnuyath Kaamee Prajaarthee cha Aapnuyath Prajah
If a person recites the names with a desire for dharma ( merit), he will get
the dharma. If he is desirous of wealth, he will get the riches. If he is
after the pleasures of life, he will get all of them. If he wants to have
progeny,  he will get children.

Yasah Praapnoti Vipulam Jnaathi Praadhaanyameva Cha
Achalaam Sriyaam Aapnoti Sreyah Praapnoti Anuttamam
He becomes endowed with great reputation and becomes foremost amongst his kith
and kin. He acquires undiminishing wealth ( in this world ) and unexcelled
prosperity ( in the other i.e. Salvation)

Na Bhayam Kvachit Aapnoti Veeryam Tejas cha Vindathi
Bhavati Aroghah Dyutimaan Bhala roopa Gunaanvitah
There is no fear for him from any quarter. He acquires valor and power. He is
never unwell and always shines very much. He becomes endowed with strength, a
healthy body and noble qualities.

Rogaarto Muchyate Rogaath Bhaddo Muchyeta Bhandanaath
Bhayaath Muchyeta Bheetahaas thu Muchyeta Aapanna Aapadah
He who is suffering from any disease will get rid of it. He who is in bondage
will be relieved of it. He who is affected by fear will become free from it
and he who is in danger will escape from it.

Durgaani Ati tarati aa su Purusha Purushottamam 
Stuvan Nama Sahasrena Nityam Bhakti Samanvitah
That person who with devotion praises the Supreme Lord ( Purushottama)
reciting his thousand names daily surmounts all insuperable difficulties very

Vaasudeva Aasrayao Martyo Vaasudeva Paraayanah
Sarva Papa Visuddhaatma Yaathi Brahma Sanaathanam
That person who has taken resort to Vaasudeva and who thinks that Vaasudeva is
the highest goal to be reached becomes cleansed of all sins and his mind
becomes pure. He finally attains the eternal Brahman.

Na Vaasudeva Bhaktaanaam Asubham Vidhyate Kvachit
Janma Mrityu Jaraa Vyaadhi Bhayam Vaapi Upajaayathe
Nothing inauspicious ever occurs to the devotees of Vaasudeva. Nor do they
have any fear from birth and death, of old age and disease.

Imum Stavam Adheeyanah Sraddhaa Bhakti Samanvitah
Yujyeta Aatma Sukha Kshaanthi Sree Dhriti Smriti Keerthibhih
That person who chants this hymn with zeal and devotion becomes blessed with
happiness of the self, forbearance, riches, firmness of mind, good memory and
great fame.

Na Krodho Na cha Maatsaryam Na Lobho Na Asubhaa Matih
Bhavanti Krita Punyaanaam Bhaktaanaam Purushottama
Neither anger nor jealousy, neither greed nor evil thoughts haunt the minds of
those people who are devotees of Purushottama  (the Supreme being) and who
have acquired  merit by virtuous deeds.

Imam Stavam Bhagavato Vishnor Vyaasena Keerthitham
Pateth yah Icheth Purushah Sreyah Praaptum Sukhaani cha
That person who desires to obtain supreme bliss and the pleasures of the world
should read this Stotra of Bhagavan Vishnu sung by the grat sage, Vyaasa.

Visweswaram Ajam Devam Jagatah Prabhavaap Yayam
Bhajanthi Ye Pusfhkaraaksham Na Te Yaanti Paraabhavam, Na Te yaanti
Never do they meet with any disrespect. Never do they meet with any
disrespect. Salutations to that Lord of all auspiciousness. By repeating these
words twice, the Sage swears on oath and concludes the hymn.

Aarthaa Vishannaa Sithilaas cha Bheethah Goreshu cha Vyaadhishu Varthamaanaah
Samkeerthya Naaraayana Sabda Maatram Vimuktha Duhkah Sukhino Bhavanti
People may be in distress or in grief, in confusion or in fright, or affected
by terrific disease. If they only sing the name of Naaraayana, they become
relieved of all the troubles and attain supreme happiness.

Sahasranama and personal experiences

While on a pigrimage in April 1991, to Muktinath  on the lap of the Himalayas
in Nepal, we were about to start from one halting place for further trekking.
Suddenly, dark clouds gathered and it started raining heavily. The leader of
our party, a venerable old man of 75 years of age suggested that we recite
Vishnu Sahasranama as a group. Led by him, we did this for about 30 minutes.
As we concluded the recitation, Lo! and Behold! The clouds dispersed, rains
stopped and the Sun came out brightly shining on the sky.

One may be inclined to dismiss this as a chance occurrence or coincidence.
But, I have heard several other instances of the same phenomenon in different
contexts and different places, whenever the Sahasranama was recited. It is
clear, therefore, that it cannot be ascribed to mere chance or
coincidence.There is definitely something more than meets the eye. THAT
SOMETHING IS MIRACLE due to divine cause. These reliefs have been experienced
in the personal lives as seen from the anecdotes narrated by those who have
experienced them.

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