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Parabhakti paragnyAna paramabhaktyaika swabhAvam
Date: Thu Jun 25 1998 - 16:14:12 PDT

Shrimathe VEdAntha RAmAnuja MahAdEshikAya nama:

Adiyen's abhivAdhanams to BhagavathothamAs

I have a clarification about prapatti and Parabhakti, Paragnyana,
I recite Bhagavad RAmAnuja's SharaNAgathi Gadhyam often and I 
understand very well that Bhagavad RAmAnuja performed sharaNAgati 
at the lotus feet of perumAL and thAYAr at Srirangam on Panguni 
Uttiram day and that, this was done for the one and only purpose of 
eternal Kainkaryam to the divya dampathis. 

But one thing that baffles me...

In the 16th line of the SharaNAgathi
Gadhyam, Bhagavad RAmAnuja says:

Parabhakti paragnyAna paramabhaktyaika swabhAvam mAm kurushwA ||

My question is:

If one has surrendered one's self at the Divya Dampathi's feet and 
made very clear that there could be no other UpAyams like
(Karma yogam, Gnyana yogam or even Bhakti yogam) available at his
disposal for mOksham, why is there a need for Parabhakti, 
Paragnyanam and Paramabhakti. 

Is this an UpAyam? 
If it is not then, isn't Parabhakti, Paragnyana,
Parambhakti a swabhAvam of a mukta jeevAthma. Why ask for it when
it is bound to happen i.e. when it is the very nature of a jivAthma
in the mukti stage.

Could BhagavathAs throw some light on this. 

I also wanted some information on books and publications:
Is there an english print on Sri VEdAntha DEshikA's or 
Shutaprakashikar's (Sudarshana Suri) commentry on Gadhyathrayam

Keshav Kadambi.
AchAryan thiruvadigaLe sharaNam.