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From: venkat (
Date: Thu Jun 25 1998 - 19:35:55 PDT

Dear shree vaishnavaas

the argument is becoming hotter...

talking about samhithas..... these are actually parts of aagaamaas... like we 
have ahirbudhniya samhitha in pancharathra aagamaa..

when we are to discuss about philosophy we should talk within the realms of 
common sources of knowledge...

whatever we say should be validated from the scriptures that every body accepts 
 the pancarathra aagamaas was taught by lord "narayana" himself.
 vaikanasa aagamaa was taught by vikanas rushi..
 and we have saiva aagamaas and shaktha aagamaas..
 agamaas are mainly texts that are of lesser importance when compared to 
shruthis..and these are mainly used to know the ritual practices...

(of course the srivaishnava sampradhayaam take the divya prabandha as an 
addtional source of knowledge that are used to interpret the real purport of 

and when we talk to an NIRVISESHA ADHVAITHIN we cant qoute from "naalayira 
dhivya prabandham" and tell that he has to accept it.. all we can do is we  can 
take support from them..
 and AAGAMAAS WHATEVER THEY ARE HAVE ORIGIN!!!! unlike vedhas which are

so please decide what u want to take as basis of argument in what relams etc..

then it would be better...

ther's no use if we tell "surabhi aanaalum gothvam kazhiyathu"(just for eg)
and  "oru aathmaa innoru aathmaavirku thanjan illai" to those who dont take
 rahasthraya saaraa as pramanaa and those who cant appreciate it..
 so obviously one cant quote from a specific work which was writen by his 
purvaachaaryaas as a pramanaa when arguing with  others who belong to other 
instead they can discuss with common/general scriptures and of course he 
reflects the views of poorvacharyaas of his sampradhaayaa and take them as basis 
for his arguments..

adiyen hope that everybody appreciates this and start discussing within a 
specific realm..

dhaasaanu dhaasan 
venkataraghava dhaasan