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Following the Acarya's Instructions

From: Balaraman M Sriram (
Date: Thu Jun 25 1998 - 07:20:38 PDT

Dear Sri Vaishanavas

One of the important tenets in being a Vaishanava is:

To fully obey the Acraya's instructions there are no if's and but's and 
no partial agreement to his orders.The Acarya takes great pains to come 
to this  Bhooloka from his exalted postion to offer salvation to the 
fallen souls (Ourselves).The Acarya teaches by many
methods, he instructs and follows what he instructs to his disciples and 

Bhagavan Sri Krishna himself set an example of what happens if you do 
not follow his instructions. In the end of Krishna Avataar, Bhagavan Sri 
Krishna is killed by an arrow from a hunters bow
which strikes him on the big toe of his leg. The story goes that when 
Sri Krishna's Guru asked him to apply the "payaasam" all over his body, 
he did but forgot to cover the small portion of his toe. As I am quoting 
from memory the details are not very clearly presented.This story is 
only an attempt to bring about the importance of Acaryas instructions.

There is no question of Sri Krishna being killed or anyone at all being 
killed any where. We are all spirit souls and we have all existed 
eternally.Our main purpose in life is to go back to Sri Vaikuntam, our 
eternal abode and every effort should be expended in that direction 
only. There cannot be any consideration for one's family, society, 
status etc as all this are temporary. Annamacarya Sings in Telugu
 "Na Naati Bhathuku Natakammu.." which means  Day to Day life is
nothing but a Drama, he furhter goes on to say "Puttatu Nijamu Povattumu 
Nijamu.." It is true that we are born and it is also true that along 
with the birth, death is also manifest.

Along with these truths our Acaryas have also given the path to 
salvation , like  Sripada Sankracarya sang:(I know he is an Advaitin but 
he also sang Bhaja Govindam..)

"Bhaja Govindam , Bhaja Govindam , Govindam Bhaja Mudamathe..."

He also implores us to say the name of "Govinda" only. Time is short 
friends, as Kali progresses Shastra's will be lost, Bhramins & 
vaishnavas will be almost non-existent and those taking birth in that 
time frame will be the most fallen. So make haste when there is still 
hope for salvation, forget all other considerations and chant the holy 
name of the Lord, so that he will come on GarudaAlzwars shoulder to save 
us from the ocean of material existence faster than the speed of the 



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