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Azagiyasinger's visit

Date: Thu Jun 25 1998 - 05:41:40 PDT

Dear members of the bhakti group,
I moved to madras and immediately had the gracious blessings of HH
Azagiyasinger. In my humble words I intend to bring some of the moments we
had here.
Azagiayasinger's trip was successfull. That was evident from the fact that
during his upanasiyam HH indicated that HH is very much thrilled and happy
to the turn of devotees and that HH wishes to stay more. Next time HH
wants to stay here for about 3 to 4 days. It is indeed wonderful to note
that as they were getting the malolan ready for dharshan there was a heavy
downpour. The rain in no way caused any obstacle to the proceedings. By
the aradanam and theertham was over  it was around 8pm and the pongal
prasadam was too wonderful to put it into words. After the ghosti malolan
was away for a few dolais and ponnadi. Jeeyar on the next day remarked
that is was past midnight when malolan rested.
The next day started pretty late and by the time abigamanam was over it
was well past 10am. During the ghosti, jeeyar had a small upanasiyam. The
topic was one of great interest to you. HH is extolling the fact why
sriman  naraynan is the supreme being. HH indicated that sriman narayanan
is the supreme being and there is no need to worship other dieties, but
this does not mean that we have to quarrel or have a fight. HH was given
a variety of examples.
Intially HH started with the one saying that a pathivrathi will wait to
get the phospam from her bartha. She will wait with the determination that
her bartha will give it to her and give it only to her. That is the
devotion one should have. We should be of the firm opinion that only
sriman narayanan will give and he will give it only to us. HH then went on
to say that no pathivratha will accept phospum or anyother kind from
somebody unknown or not related, except her bartha. However, this excludes
mamanar, machinar etc who are related.  Moreover for a pathivratha she
understands that there is only one bartha. Thus we should also have a firm
determination in sriman narayanana.
As the next example HH went on to explain a scene from ramayanan. Though
sita pirati was mahalakshmi why did the lord desert her. HH points out the
fact that this was because of the fact that pirati during vanavasham got
fooled by a golden deer. She then called on rama and told him that this
golden deer has captivated her heart. HH highlites that sita used the term
"abiramam" . This thinking on the part of human being like avatar of the
supreme diety was the cause of her trouble. Since she had wavered from her
dedication and belief and with ramam around her she was abiramam about
something was was not worthy of. Hence the lesson.
HH then concluded saying that just mere surrender in the form of
samashanam or baryanasam is not enough but one should have supreme faith
only in lord narayana and strictly adhere to the principles.
It was indeed a nice piece of narration to indicate the supreme nature of
Madhavan Sridharan
15, Srinivasa Raghavan St., Srinivasa Nagar, Perungalathur Madras 600 063.