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From: venkat (
Date: Thu Jun 25 1998 - 08:02:10 PDT

  "Shree Bhoomi Neekla Samethae Shree Lakshmi Nrusimha Parabramaneya Namaha"
  dear Bahagvadhothamaas,
  adiyen have understood that "Sthrees" and "Others" are not supposed to make an 
attempt to understand Vedic chants which is why those days the vedhass were 
chanted by splitting the "padhaas" and still keeping the real meaning which is 
not just easy to understand by any average ...........
  remeber Brahdharanyaka upanishadh is a resultant of "Maithreyee's" enquiry in  
  to bramhan ( maithreyee is sage yaagnaavalkyaas wife)
  and we have yuga dharmaas so few dhramaas that were practised in one yugaa
  is not applicable in someother yugaa.
   many are not clear on these points as no vast research is done on the above   
   or it is not widely and popularly known as it deserves to be..
  Those days vedic chanting was done by splitting the "padhams" so that those 
who were not supposed to understand the meaning and purport didnot get it it requires a great knowledge in sanskrit grammer...
  Nowdayas many chant vedaas without even understanding what they actually 
mean!! what adiyen mean to say is that only few know sanskrit nowadays as 
compared to so many those days!! 
  adiyen would surely consult "swaamis" and "poorna adyaayanna adhikaaris" and 
get a detailed answer to this particular qusetion as adiyen has neither basic 
knowledge of sanskrit nor has done "adhyayanam"
the charma sloka says leave all and surrender unto me!!! i'll save u!!

The prapathi or surrender is rahasyaa aartha or the essence and no where the 
essence of sashthraas and scripture is clearly stated and if  it were there 
would be no different school of thoughts..

our aachaaryaas have consulted so many sashthraas analysed compared and found 
that "prapathi" is an easy way out!!! u do prapathi only once and u do prapathi 
only when u are a "asahakthaa" to do other yogaas.

every other commentator accepts the concept of "self surrender" and prapathi is 
done only as "AANGAA" of bakthi yoga and it is NOT AN ALTOGETHER DIFFERENT PATH

adiyen has not done any "kaalakshebaam" so adiyen humbly request for few days 
time to answer this with pramaanaass..