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Re : Avoiding certain issues
Date: Wed Jun 24 1998 - 13:09:11 PDT

      Dear friends,

      Appreciations for the  thoughts of Balram Sriram.

      I would still like to impress on my point on avoiding these issues.

      Inspite of the story of Sri Ramanuja, we have only  few incidents
      of  equal society in our whole history of 5000 years.

      There are naturally more instances of inequalities shown to
      people over these years. We cannot   justify  all these incidents.

      At the same time we cannot rewrite the history rewrite the past.
      Just think who are most of us, persons with little knowledge of
      religion and more interest on the welfare of it. ( With
      exceptions like Sri Dr. Sadagopan and others whom I did not
      remember the names).   So naturally we dont have the
      authority the justify the past.

      What we can do, take the good aspects from our great Acharyas and
      others. Disregard   or playdown the aspects which are not relevant
      to our time.
      (King Dasaratha Married to lot of wives,
       Draupathi married to five pandavars those are also in our
      great epics, are we  elaborating those things. We take the greatness
      Bhagvat Gita, Neethi of Vithura and  sathyam, Eka pathni viratham of
      Sri Rama )
      This is what I meant by avoiding certain topics which may not  be
      suitable in the present time.

      Regarding the Nuclear issue, that piece of e-mail has not really hurt
      going to hurt any one. And that person has been instructed enough by
      fellow members against sending such mails.  There is no need for
      flogging a dead horse.

      In this list most of the topics of great value. Experience in Divya
      of each person is a pleasure to read. People are also using this list
      for performing good kaimkaryams for their devoted divya desams.
      Why should we used this list or any other place to cause divisions in
      our society.

      So I request the members to  not to continue this topic,  and proceed
      excellent articles as before.

      Thank You.

      Your's Friendly

      S. Sundar