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Secs.6 & 7 / Part2 - Miracles
Date: Wed Jun 24 1998 - 11:45:04 PDT

Dear  Bhagavatas,
Presented below are Sections 6 and & of Part 2 Miracles from my book "Myths,
Miracles and Mysticism"
Anbil Ramaswamy
Section 6 : Acharyas and Miracles

It would be for us not to fall victims to the fake Gurus.  Even in the medical
field, we find that we have to diagnose the doctor before allowing the doctor
to diagnose our ailment. Much in the same way, we would have to seek out the
proper Guru who satisfies the qualifications mentioned above. Once spotted, we
should place complete confidence in him and devote ourselves wholeheartedly.
How one should approach such a Guru is explained by Lord Krishna in BG 4 / 34

" Learn  knowledge by prostration, by extensive esquire and by service, The
wise who see the truth will teach you knowledge" 

Approached thus, getting initiated through appropriate  ' Mantras', which you
would be asked to repeat with care, you can yourself feel over a period of
time a slow but sure process of self transformation and chastening of mind and
spiritual evolution.

Why Acharya at all ?

It may be questioned whether this transformation cannot be achieved by going
through the relevant mantras and texts from the printed books, Computers , CD
ROMís etc,  that are now freely available thanks to advances in communication
and book publishing in the modern world. And, why should we go through the
ordeal of spotting the right Acharya and subjecting ourselves to the rigors of
discipline enjoined above.

Studying books may stimulate us intellectually but only a personal interaction
of a benign Acharya willing  to ' initiate' and a suppliant Sishya willing to
'initiation' would ensure the requisite transmission of impulses. Without this
transmission, our book knowledge can invest us only with an intellectual
arrogance by deluding ourselves into believing that we are being spiritually
developed. Intellect may benefit by such studies but not our inner spirit. 

This can be evidenced by the fact that almost everyone of us can wax eloquent
on spiritual values but when it comes to living up to them and leading a
really spiritual life, we find ourselves woefully lacking. 

That is why we have to turn to the real Acharyas- the Pontiffs who by their
rectitude have proved unfailing source of solace and inspiration to mankind.

The present day Pontiffs

Some of the pontiffs who succeeded Desika have their own lineage are:

1. Paundareekapuram Srimad Andavan Ashrama Guru Parampara. IT has had a
continuous lineage of 38 Pontiffs so far. The present Pontiff is H..H. Sri
Gopala Desika Maha Desikan of Paravakkottai ( at Srirangam)

2. Srimad Ahobila Mutt Guru Parampara. Founded in 1398, it has had  a
continuous lineage of 45 Pontiffs so far. The present Pontiff is H.H. Srivan
Satakopa Sri Narayana Yateendra Maha Desikan, 45 th jeeyar of Ahobila Mutt (
at Srirangam).

3. Periyashramam Srimad Andavan Guru Parampara. The present Pontiff is H..H.
.Sri Ranga Ramanuja Maha Desikan of Srimushnam ( at Srirangam)

4. Parakala Mutt Guru Parampara. The present Pontiff is H.H. Sri Abhinava
Vagheesa Brahma Tantra Swatantra Parakala Swami ( at Mysore)

5. Sri Rangapriya Yathi of Ashtanga Yoga Vignaana Mandiram ( at Bangalore)

Besides the above, several other Pontiffs have their own hermitages in various
places in India.

Section  7 :  Mantras and Miracles

There are some special mantras which WHEN INITIATED BY THESE ACHARYAS
guarantee miraculous relief from our daily problems. There are specific
Mantras for specific results. Most of them can be traced to the Atharva Veda. 

Though it would be desirable to understand the meanings of the mantras before
using them, this is not absolutely necessary. 

What is more important  to know is that when properly uttered with proper
accent, intonation and pronunciation at the appropriate time and manner with
the relevant invocatory psalms mantras never fail to yield the desired

Conversely, when a mantra is mishandled, mispronounced, distorted or used at
an inappropriate time and manner, or resorted to without the kind of
initiation mentioned above, it will not fail to produce  adverse results as
well. It would,  therefore, be necessary to take care of these restrictions
and exclusions to reap the benefits of the mantras. 

The following are some of the specific Mantras which are believed to confer
special benefits apart from the Moolamantra (Brahmabija) which  alone  leads
to realization, to liberation from bondage and attainment of Moksha 

1.'AIM' (Vak  bija): for acquiring knowledge and wisdom, mastery over words,
powers of speech

2.'HRIM' (Saktibija ) for   conquest of the unmanifest, of the power of
nature, going beyond the constraints of time and space

3.'SRIM' (Laksmi bija) for gaining worldly wealth, power, beauty, glory

4."KLIM" (Kaama bija) for gaining transcendent knowledge, pleasure, victory,
royal power etc.,

5."KRIM" (Aadhya bija) for gaining detachment, power over death, transcendent

6."YAM"=Air                Items 6 to 10 are the sacred Mantras relating to
7 "LAM"=Earth            They are used in performing NYASA (Consecration of
8."RAM"=Fire              various parts of the  body to the  deity presiding
over the
9."VAM"=Water          corresponding element  - a kind of relating the human  
10 "HAM"= Ether          physiology with the elemental cosmology

11.PARAASAKTHI BIJA-      for acquiring supreme energy

12.KHECHARI BIJA-        for flying through the void

13.GAAYATRI BIJA   -        for acquiring and protecting vital energies

14.KRODA SAANTHI BIJA-  for calming of anger

15.AGNI PRAJVALANA BIJA-for kindling fire

16.NIDRA STAMBANA BIJA-for preventing sleep

17.PANCHAKSHARA-      for invoking Shiva with his 5 lettered mantra

18.PANCHADAASI-             the 15 syllabled Mantra  of the primordial

And, many more like Brahma Gayatri , Brahma Mantra, Mantra Raja, Rudra Mantra
and special Mantras for preventing misfortune most of which are found in
Atharva Veda.
(To continue)