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Srimad Bhagavad Geeta Parama Saaram Chapter 3 Part 2 by Thirukallam Narasimharaghavachariar

From: Bharadwaj, Jaganath (
Date: Wed Jun 24 1998 - 10:50:04 PDT

Arjuna:	"Oh Hrishikesa!  Is this your opinion?  (Please note that Arjuna
is aware at this point that Sri Krishna is Sriman Naaraayana.  By asking
if this is His opinion, he means whether this is how Sri Krishna expects
the world to interpret His words and abide by it.)  What is the result
of performance of actions with the mentality stated above?"

Sri Krishna:	"Arjuna!  This is the hidden essence of all the Upanishads.
 Those who have an understanding of My intentions and faith in My words
and act accordingly; those who are unable to act according to My
instructions, but have faith in My words; those who do not have faith in
My words, but do not have jealousy (towards Me and manifested as hatred
towards My devotees or My temples and deities), all these people are
freed from reactions to all Karmas.  Those who do not perform their
scriptural rites along with Saatvika tyaaga, those who do not have faith
and those who are jealous, they are FOOLS in every respect."

Arjuna:	"Kanna!  Is it impossible to perform Jnaana Yoga with ease?"

Sri Krishna:	Paartha!  It is not possible to perform Jnaana Yoga with
ease.  Impressions left behind from old karmas which now bear fruit drag
even the person who has obtained a direct perception of the soul, back
into (sinful) activities associated solely with material nature.  Such
activities force the practitioner to abandon Jnaana Yoga.  The human
body is designed for the practice of Karma Yoga.  Even if you do not
have a taste for the performance of Karma Yoga, it is much better to
grit your teeth and do what you are most suited to do.  Jnaana Yoga is
virtually impossible for a person in a materially body to successfully
practice.  The practice of Karma Yoga is far superior than the practice
of the more glamorous Jnaana Yoga."

Arjuna:	"Oh Shining beacon of the Vrishni Clan!  What is this tidal wave
that washes away the mind of an individual serene due to the practice of
Jnaana Yoga, and literally forces him back into sinful life as if he has
no choice?  What causes it?"

Sri Krishna:	"Arjuna!  Rajo Guna causes a revival of ancient Karmic
impressions.  This results in the generation of lust and excessive
eating.  Lust here is the desire to possess and use other living
entities and non living substances in accordance with one's whims and
fancies.  This lust changes into anger when the individual possessed by
this lust meets with resistance in his attempt to achieve his objective.
 This leads him to commit more sin.  Thus Rajo Guna becomes the dominant
mode (guna) in that individual's life.  As Jnaana Yoga can be practiced
only when Sattva Guna dominates, Rajo Guna becomes a major obstacle in
the practice of Jnaana Yoga."

Arjuna:	"Kanna! Please explain how lust creates obstacles?"

Sri Krishna:	"Oh Kaunteya!  Just as fire is covered by smoke, mirror by
dust, the fetus by the womb, in the same way all living beings in the
Leela vibhuti or the material world from Brahma downwards are covered by
lust.  In other words, living beings which are of the nature of
knowledge, do not understand this nature of the soul, as this knowledge
is covered by lust."

Arjuna:	"Krishna!  What tools does this lust use to suppress the soul?"

Sri Krishna:	"Oh Paandava!  Lust uses the senses, mind and intelligence
which are connected with material to cover knowledge, and mesmerize the
soul in a million different ways.  That is, lust prevents a person from
seeking to understand the soul, and forces that individual to covet
objects of the senses.  Since the senses, mind and intelligence are the
three minions of lust, controlling the senses will become the means to
win over lust.  

"Arjuna!  Let Me tell you the greatest obstacle to knowledge.  The
senses are said to be the greatest obstacles to knowledge.  The mind is
superior to the senses.  The intelligence is superior even to the mind.
Understand that lust is more powerful than intelligence.  Use the power
of the soul (aatma Sakti) to overpower lust."

Thus ends the 3rd chapter of Srimad Bhagavad Geeta.  adiyen wishes to
acknowledge the help provided by Sri Anbil Ramaswamy in understanding
some of the more difficult portions of the text.  Even this simplified
version itself required a lot of study and queries answered from those
with superior knowledge, before adiyen could understand what was
written.  adiyen would like some feedback from those less familiar with
this scripture as to how they view this presentation.

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