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Re: Request For Avoiding Certain Discussions

From: Venkatesh Elayavalli/DCOM (
Date: Tue Jun 23 1998 - 09:12:28 PDT

Dear Sirs,

One of the important aspects of Hinduism, in general and Vedanta
System in particular is its ability to adapt and accommodate varying
view points.

Hindu Religion has constantly been under attack from forces
inside and outside India. It would be unfortunate for us to use that
as an excuse to not to understand our sampradhayam.

I agree, we should give equal respect to all living beings, be it
human, or any other. We should not let our negative emotions to
control our desire to learn.

To me, the religious conversions, are more economically
(and to some extant politically) motivated than any thing else. There
will be factions that are atheist and some will  turn around.

So bringing up some issue to the fore for debate should not be stiffled
out of
fear. The so called politcally correct (PC) attitude that prevails in
metros in India is the prime reason for downward spiral in religious
awareness. However, in smaller temple towns people are more in tune
with religion, be it Vaishnavism or Shaivism. I grew up in a metro and
had very little knowledge about our Samprashayam. On the other hand,
small kids in Temple towns know a lot more about their sampradhayam
than their counterparts in metros (on a relative scale, exceptions are
always found).

We have to learn from our past deeds, both good and bad. We, as a
should not make same mistakes, and one way to avoid that is to talk

I agree that we need to be more forthcoming in taking all Hindus into
confidence. Certain segments of our Sampradhayam have been doing
the same for many many years.

I sincerely apologize for any apacharam committed in the above


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