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Request For Avoiding Certain Discussions
Date: Tue Jun 23 1998 - 06:45:29 PDT

      Dear members,

>Regarding the arguments for and against recitation of the Ashtakshara
>mantra by non-brahmin Vaisnavas.
>This says : stri sudras who are bhagavatas they should avoid pranava and
>say moola mantra.

      In the best interest of our Hindu religion (especially in India), we
      should avoid discussions on above topics.

      Already conversion has taken a heavy toll of our religion.  These
      discussions could be mis-intrepreted  by  external forces to
      justify conversions.

      I have seen that even  some atheist organizations  intrepret these
      to their interest and disrupt the temple activities. Four years back
      some members of these organizations went inside karpagraham of
      Srirangam temple and attacked archakas and disrupted the proceedings.

      Our current acharyas are aware of these facts and they are doing
      all the efforts to safeguard the religion. Like Sri Thiruthandi
      Jeeyar performing panchasamaskaram for any vaishnavite irrespective
      of his birth and performing akanda vishnu sahasrnama parayanam in
      open places like Madras Marina Beach.

      Thank You.

      Your's Friendly

      S. Sundara Rajan