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uteering the Pranavaa/ashtaaksharaa

From: venkat (
Date: Tue Jun 23 1998 - 07:40:17 PDT

  "Srimathe Lakshmi Nrusimha parabramaneya namaha"
  the pranavaa is a combination of the letters like this   "Aa" + "Uo" + "Ma"
  now  the "ashtaakshraam"  is chanted with "AM" by "Sthris" and others..
  in the pranavaa the addition of three letters "Au" +"Uo" + "Ma" gives the      
  pranavaa gives us only one "padham" ."namo" give us two."naarayanaa"    give   
  us the remaining five
  in total we have 8 symbolizing "ashtaaksharaam"
  with "Aa" + "Ma" excluding the letter  "Uo" (which is to be added to the       
   and to be chanted only by "upaneetaas" ie those who have had their            
   "upanayaanaam" done) we still get one "padham" the remaining seven are        
   contributed  by "namo" and "naarayanaa" as previously stated.
  so all chant only 8 "AKSHARAAS"  A person who is well versed in "sanskrit'     
  will know this.Adiyen has no basic knowledge of "Sanskrit" 
   my cousin had his "samashrayaanaam" and "saranagathi" done under "Periya      
   azhagiyasinger" along with "adiyen" .this was long before his"upanayaanaam".  
    he was only initiated with "Am" not with "pranavaa"..
   "upanayaanaam" is compulsory for  the first three "varnaas"."kshatrityaas"    
   and "vaishyaas" also have this "adhyayanaam" and they can also teach          
   "vedaas" but only at times when a student doesnt find a "bramhnaa"            
   "shruthis" and "smrithis" say that "upadesha" "manthraas' are to be learnt
   only under "aachaarya"..and we have to follow "shruthis" and "smrithis" as
   "bhagavaan" says "Shruthi Smrithi Mama aagjnaa.............." meaning         
   shruthis and smrithis are my orders one has to follow it if he doesnt he is   
    my "DROHI"...("MAma Drohi")
   if we have all these "rahaasyaa" "upadhesha" "manthraas" let out in public    
  where and how does the concept of  "aachaaryaan" come?? even if one has        
   already   had his "ashstaaksharaa" "upadeshaa" that doesnt mean he is         
   qualified to do  "upadeshaa" to others..he has to get his "niyamanaam" from   
    his "aachaaryaa"
   Even in "Svayaam aachaaryaa sampradhayaa" they humbly approach their          
  "swaamiss" and get their "branyaasaam" done..
   "Then aachaarya Sampradhyaa" does not have "saraanaagathi" seperately.. and   
   they give many reasons ..."adiyen" dont want to go in to those details 
    To sum up which ever way it is chanted the "ashtaakshraa" still has eight    
  "aksharaas" ...
   dhasaanu dhaasaan 
   venkataraghava dhaasan