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Re: Desika, nyaasa tilakam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Jun 19 1998 - 06:48:39 PDT

Dear Bhakthi Group Members ;
I do not think that Sri Murali Rangaswamy
would mind sharing this private note that
would be of interest to many of you ,
while we are focussed on this slOkam .
Swami Desikan following the path of
Sri RamAnuja is  most appropriate 
as a maarga darsi .

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>From: "muralidhar rangaswamy" <>
>Subject: Re: Desika, nyaasa tilakam
>Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 05:59:16 PDT
>Dear Sadagopan,
>Thanks for a lovely summary of Swami Desikan's SharaNagati in the 
>Nyasa Tilakam. In this work, Swami Desikan follows the footsteps of 
>Sri Ramanujacharya. The similarities in the SharaNagati Gadyam and 
>Nyasa Tilakam are remarkable. First, Sri Ramanujacharya seeks and 
>receives the blessings of Periya Piratti before performing his 
>Sva Nishtai Prapatti to Lord Narayana. The Acharya then celebrates the 
>eternal oneness of the Lord and Sri, followed by a glorification 
>of the Lord's KalyaNa GuNams, a confession of his shortcomings in a mood 
>of intense Naichyanusandanam and finally, the formal surrender. Swami 
>Desikan's work is a mirror image of Udayavar's SharaNagati 
>again illustrating the Desika Mangalam salutation "Sri Bhashyakara 
>Panthanam AtmanA Darshitam Puna:". The reference to Mahavisvasam 
>and desire for eternal Kaimkaryam to the Divine Couple 
>in Swami Desikan's work beautifully illustrate the Sri Ranganatha 
>Gadyam salutation "DasyatIti VishvAsa Purvakam Bhagavantam Nitya 
>KinkaratAm PrArthayE". Swami Desikan expresses similar sentiments 
>in the Nyasa Dashakam salutation "Vishvasa PrArthanApurvam 
>Atma Rakshabharam Tvayi". Thanks again for your wonderful note.
>Best Wishes,
>Muralidhar Rangaswamy