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Date: Fri Jun 19 1998 - 07:43:31 PDT

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> Subject: Birthdays
> Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 19:22:49 -0700
> From MK Krishnaswamy, wrote
>  Tirunakshatram is a word considered as equivalent to Birthday of a
> person.  Traditionally, birthday-celebrations are reckoned with
> reference to the birth star (Moon's position) and death anniversaries
> with reference to the Thithi (Moon's phase).  Why do we celbrate Sri
> Rama's birthday on a Navami?  Gokulashtami is celebrated w.r.t Thithi,
> again.  I will be grateful for a clarification.
> Adiyen Dasan,
> MK Krishnaswamy

The birthdays in the Tamil region go by the solar calender, that
is the solar month and birth star.
   -The solar month is position of sun in the sky canopy,
   divided into 12 parts.
   -Birth star is the position of moon in the sky canopy,
   divided into 27 parts.
On every birthday according to Tamil calender, the sun and
the moon are closest to where they were, at the instant
of birth.

I heard that even Telugus celebrate the birth days by the
phase of the moon, navami, ashtami etc. So I guess, Ram, Krishn
etc. have their birth days by the thithi.

Natarajar (margazhi-thiruvadhirai), Murugan(karthikai-karthigai)
have it by nakshatram. vEnkateswarar ?