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From: venkat (
Date: Fri Jun 19 1998 - 08:07:23 PDT

      "Shri Bhoomi Neela Sametha Shri LakshmiNrusimha ParaBramhaneya Namaha"

dear sri vaishnavaas

we all know that while chanting Gaayathri and Ashtakshara  we  cover our palms 
with the "uthriyam / male vasthram"..

These manthraas are to be chanted in silence and  only with "Mudhraas" remember 
only these manthraas have "Simha Mudhra" these "Mudhraas" are very important ...

Adiyen've read that it is something simillar to "Sthri Purusha Sangamam" 
the Jeeva is engaged with the Bramhan... 

So adiyen humbly feel the manthra which actually enables the communion is not to 
be revealed out or to be seen...

and u know what adiyen meant by giving the anology 

of course u have "dhvayam" which can be chanted any where any time as it has no 
"kaala desha varthamaanaam"

so if seen from  a strict Shruthi point of view it is wrong if one reveals the 

Remember "ShriBashyakaarar" @ "Thirukootiyoor" did not reveal the "Manthraas" 
whereas he revealed the concept of "prapathi" and the essence of "Manthraas"

Actually to do "Bramhopadhesaa" the "Swami"/ "Brugaspathi" actullay does few 
lakhs of "gayathri japaam" to make himself eligible to do the "upadhesha" to the
"vadu" but only very few follow this and not all know the importance of this..

and "Ashtakshraa" as we all know when it is initiated... how it is initiated...
and what instructions the "aachaaryaa" gives  when he does the "upadheshaa"

dhasaanu dhaasan
venkataragahava dhaasan