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Introduction and request

From: M.A.alwar ph 3444975 malleswaram (
Date: Wed Jun 17 1998 - 09:22:29 PDT

Srimate Ramanujaya Namah

Dear Bhagavathas,

At the outset I would like to convey my sincere pranams to all fellow 
Bhagavathas who are members of this group.  Though I have been a member 
of this group for nearly an year now, I haven't probably introduced 
myself to all the members, though I've been in contact with a few members.

I hail from Tirunarayanapuram, (now known as Melkote), the holy place 
where the Great Ramanujacharya stayed and accomplished many things which 
were instrumental in establishing this divine Sampradayam of ours. It is 
one of the four most important divyadesams for all Srivaisnavas, the 
other three, as they are well-known, being Srirangam, Tirumalai and 

I would also like to give a brief introduction about myself, so that if 
anyone in this Bhakti-net  wants any assistance from me in anything that 
I am capable of doing, I could be of help.  I belong to the lineage of 
Sri Anandalwan, the direct disciple of Ramanujacharya, who was famous for 
His Pushpa-Kainkairyam to Lord Venkateshwara of Tirupati, and our family 
is still living in the traditional style of the Srivaishnavas.  Right 
from when I was a small boy, I was initiated to the study of the Divya 
Prabandhams and Sanskrit in general, while I also had modern schooling, 
by my Father who wanted me to have both traditional as well as modern 
education.  Presently, I am working as Assistant Proffessor at Maharaja's 
Sanskrit College at Mysore, which is an institution having a history of 
about 150 years.  I have also been associated with the development of 
Multi-Media software, which are aimed at preserving our culture and 
tradition.  About ten titles have been developed so far, the main among 
them being Sandhya Vandanam, Taittiriya Upanishad, Pancha Suktham etc., 
and these are going to be marketed shortly throughout the world by the 
agency which has taken the responsibility of developing them.

I have been extremely interested in all the discussions that are going on 
in this Bhakti-net and I feel I am very much priveleged to have been a 
member of this group.  If anybody needs any help from me regarding 
anything like information about Melkote, any particular reference in our 
Sampradaya Granthas, or the like, I will be happy to provide it.  Anybody 
wanting to avail of this help may write to me personally at this e-mail 
adress and I will try, to the best of my knowledge and capability, to do 
the best I can.

Recently, I have been hearing on this Bhakti-net and also from various 
Srivaishnavas residing abroad, that there is a dire need in the US of 
good, knowledgeable and experienced Archakas, who hail from our 
Divyadesams.  Presently, a few people traditionally belonging to Melkote, 
conforming to the above, are willing to share their knowledge and 
experience by coming to the US and be of help the Srivaisnava community 
there.  If anyone is interested in having such persons either to look 
after the Tiruvaradhanam at the temple there or for Sampradaya 
Kalaksepam, they may kindly write to me personally, so that the matter 
can be further discussed.

Adiyen Madhurakavi dasan,