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Re: Mr Anantha Padhmanaabhan

From: venkat (
Date: Wed Jun 17 1998 - 08:36:27 PDT

Shri Bhoomi Neela Sametha Shri LakshmiNrusimha Parabramaneya Namaha

Dear shri vaishnavas
Mr Anantha Padhmanaabhan's(mr K.G.K's son) articles to the list show that having 
""Sathsaangam" will seaon anyone.

When he was in India a week back I heard from a common friend of ours about his 
"Vairaagya" his "Kainkaryaa" to our "Sath Smaprdhayaam"..

I would also request u to recall my one of my earlier postings on the list 
(message bhakti v002.n585.4  on 06/06/1998 Saturday.. 

I was talking about another Mr Anantha Padhmaanaabhan(whom i will refer as 
krishnan hence forth)and our plans.

Mr Krishnan was all praise for Mr Ananth They both were discussing on common
subjects of intrest when Mr Anath visited Purusai swamy..

Mr Krishnan was telling me the "kainkaryams " the amount of time Mr Ananth 
spends for our "Sath sampradhayaa" and I felt so meek and guilty for not having 
done any "kainkaryam" to our "Sath sampradhayaam" 

I had not the previlage of meeting Mr Krishnan in person and we dont know each 
other but I am happy now that i have come to know him thro the list and  the 
articles he sends to the list..

with so much of "sathsangham" I am sure that "perumal" will make his "sankalpaa" 
for me to do "yadha shakthi" "kainkaryam"...

All the articles that appear on the list from it's members show me a 
Shrivaishnava whom i can serve in person..

dhasaanu dhaasan
venkataragahava dhasan