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FW: Dayasagara Satakam of Srimad Mukkur Azhagiya Singar verse 23

From: Bharadwaj, Jaganath (
Date: Tue Jun 16 1998 - 14:33:31 PDT

>Srimate lakshmi nrsimha ParaBrahmaNE namah:
>SrimAn vEnkatanAthArya kavittArkika kesari VedAntachArya varyome sannidhattAm
>sadA hridi	I
>Sri ranganAtha Satakopa Yateendra drishtam
>lakshmi nrsimha saThajit karuNaika pAtram	I
>Sri rangaveer raghurAT saThakopa hridyam 
>VedAnta deSika yateendram aham prappadye	II
>sat Sabda vAchyam mA simham sankalpASrayamAdit:	I
>upAsyam sarva kAmEna dayA sAgaram ASrayE	 	II
>Srimate SrivaN SaThakopa Sri VedAnta dESika yateendra mahAdEsikAya namah:	II
>sat Sabda vAchyam:-	The (only) One who can be described by the word "sat" who
>was hidden in a cave in ahObilam until His arrival into the open world in
>1398 for SanchAram travel from village to village and house to house.
>Adit::-	Even before His soujourn into millions of homes in the past 600 years
>sankalpASrayam:-	One who has vowed to protect those who sought His protection
>in various ways.
>sarva kAmEna:-		For one filled with all kinds of material and spiritual
>upAsyam:-	The form with which one can meditate upon with the greatest of ease
>dayAsAgaram:-	The Ocean of mercy, who is willing to bestow boons upon demand
>mA simham:-	The Lion always associated with Lakshmi
>ASrayE:-	I meditate upon.