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nAcciyAr tirumozhi

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Jun 15 1998 - 05:43:56 PDT

Dear BhakthAs of ANDAL :

Yesterday was SravaNam day . At Bhumi Devi Sametha 
Sri Oppiliappan Sannadhi , the SravaNa dheepam was lit 
and taken around the prAkarams of the divya dampathis .
The mangaLa Jyothi of the divya dampathis was reflected
in that akanta dheepam . The warmth of that Jyothi
( paramsudar ) is reaching us here today , thanks to
the Kaimkaryam of Srimathi Kalyani Krishnamachari .

At Naperville , Illinois , another SravaNa dheepam was lit 
to celebrate the MangaLa JyOthi , Bhumi Devi (ANDAL ) .
Srimathi Kalyani Krishnamachari , a devout bhakthai of 
ANDAL and the divya Dampathis of ThiruviNNagar started 
translating one of the two divya Prabhandham of 
ANDAL as her blessed Kaimkaryam to this group .

Respecting her devotion to ANDAL , I sent her few days ago 
a manuscript that I completed in 1990 for that year's 
Adip Puram , her Thirunakshthram .This is the story 
behind my manuscript on NaachiyAr Thirumozhi .

I was visiting the UC Santa Barbara Campus on that 
blessed day in 1990 and started writing about the glory of 
NaachiyAr Thirumozhi  after the day's visit to the campus . 
Few days later , I completed the write-up during an European trip .
That manuscript was written for my sister Kaimkarya Sri
Padma Veeraraghavan and my revered father , 
Sri Poundarikapuram Srinivasaraghava Varadachar Swamy ,
who spent his lifetime  serving the Divya Dampathis of 
ThiruviNNagar .That is the manuscript that Srimathi
Krishnamachari is helping to translate from its original 
Tamil Veersion into English . The translations are exquisite
and they flow with  silky smoothness . The Sahaja and
Sarala translation is a delight to read and gain 
an understanding of the unique anubhavam of ANDAL
in search of Her Lord and being united with Him 
at BrindhAvanam . 

Srimathi Krishanmachari is committing herself to 
this important kaimkaryam related to ANDAL's unique 
anubhavam in search of Her Lord as a part of this year's 
Adip Puram birthday celebrations for our Mother 
enshirned at SrivillippiutthUr and Oppiliaappan Koil .

May the Divya Dampathi's abundant blessings be with her
as she fulfills this valuable Kaimkaryam ,

Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan 

>                SrI ANDAL samEta SrI rangamannAr tiruvadigaLE caraNam
>Dear friends:
>Through the enormous grace of gOdA pirAtti and perumAL, adiyEn has been
>blessed to translate into English and post in the bhakti list, a wonderful
>treatise on nAcciyAr tirumozhi, written in tamizh by our "kainkarya SrI"
>SrI SaDagopan.  The fluency with which he writes and the bhakti-laden words
>leaves one overwhelmed. With ANDAL's and perumAL's anugraham, adiyEn will
>attempt to post the translations little by little.
>Any bhakti bhAvam this posting may cause comes entirely from the exquisite
>writing of SrI SaDagopan.  Any mistakes/misinterpretations/misleadings
>are solely mine.
>	nAcciyAr tirumozhi - Introduction and tanian 1:
>         (Based on the tamizh write-up by SrI SaDagopan)
>The following write-up deals with the mAhAtmyam (greatness) of SrI gOdAdEvi,
>who (in spite of having the great honor of sitting by the side of 
>paramapada nAthan in SrI vaikunTham) chose to be born under a tulasi plant
>in SrI vishNu cittar's garden in South India and found great pleasure
>in presenting poomAlai (garland of flowers) and pAmAlai (garland of verses)
>to rangamannAr.
>Many of our AcAryAs have sung the praises of ANDAL; SrI vedAnta dESikar
>extols Her bestowing an importance to South India by Her being born there.
>- a  whole set of verses emanate from him in the form of gOdAstuti.
>SrI uyyakkoNdAr, SrI rAmAnujar, SrI maNavALa mAmunigaL, SrI parASara bhattar 
>and tirukkaNNa mangaiyANDAn have all had divine experiences with ANDAL 
>Two tanians have been ascribed for nAcciyAr tirumozhi. After a brief
>explanation of the tanians, we will explore the 143 pasurams in
>nAcciyAr tirumozhi, wherein the young heart of gOdAi pours out the
>love for the Lord in so many different words and styles. At the end
>of it all, we will summarize the various managaLASasanams done for AnDAL
>by different AcAryAs.
>nAcciyAr tirumozhi tanian 1:
>tirukkaNNa mangaiyAnDAn's blissful tanian for ANDAL's nAcciyAr tirumozhi is 
>a great gift for us:
>allinAttAmarai mEl AraNangin intuNaivi
>malli nAdAnda mada mayil - melliyalAL
>Ayar kula vEndanAgattAL ten puduvai 
>vEyar payanda viLakku
>allinAttAmarai mEl AraNangin intuNaivi:
>ANDAL is the closest friend (priya sakhi) of SrI mahAlakshmI, who gives sEvai 
>as kanakapadmAsani on fresh-bloomed lotus in the forest of red lotuses with 
>beautiful petals.  svAmi dESikan prays to SrI mahAlakshmI (in SrI stuti),
>as She is seated on a golden lotus, which is amidst a forest of lotuses
>(sthAnam yasyA: sarasijavanam).
>As ramAdevI's dearest friend, ANDAL stands by the side of emperumAn, joins 
>forces with SrI dEvI (Aranangin tuNaivi) and both of them take turns to
>plead with emperumAn to salvage the sinners and save them. Like the drum
>which gets beaten on both sides, perumAL is stuck between SrIdevI on one 
>side and bhUdevI on the other; when SrIdevI tries to plead with Him on behalf
>of her sinning children, He tries to turn His face away and what does He
>see? bhUdevI trying to continue the pleading!
>malli nADAnDa maDa mayil:
>ANDAL is like a female peacock who reigned supreme over the mallinADu -
>land that surrounds SrI villiputtUr.
>ANDAL is "melliyalAL" - she is very soft-hearted; even though, as Her 
>children, we commit a lot of sins, being patient as bhUdEvi and forgiving
>as kamalA (SrIdEvI), She ignores our faults and gives Her hand to save
>us .  The reason why SrI svAmi dESikan says (in gOdAstuti):
>"sAkshAt kshamAm kAruNyA kamalAmivAnyAm gOdAm ananya SaraNa: SaraNam prapadyE"
>is that he is following tirukkaNNa mangaiyAnDAn's mArgam.
>Ayar kula vEndanAgattAL:
>"petram mEyttuNNum kulattil" piranda ANDAL became one with rAjagOpAlan,
>who was also the king of Ayar kulam.
>ten puduvai vEyar payanda viLakku:
>SrI tirukkaNNa mangaiyAnDAn states next that ANDAL is the mangaLa jyoti
>(auspicious lamp) that SrI vishNu cittar of SrI villiputtUr had.
>"ooRRamudaiyAi periyAi ulaginil tORRamAi ninRa cuDare" - ANDAL calls her 
>nAthan thus.  She prays to kAmadEvan "vittagan vEnkata vANan ennum, 
>viLakkinil puga ennai vidikkiRRiyE" and through Her SrI sUktams,
>ANDAL merges into "vEnkata vANan ennum viLakku" (the lamp that is 
>Lord vEnkatEsvaran), and shines brilliantly as a double jyoti.
>sarvam SrIman nArAyaNAyEti samarpayAmi.
>Kalyani Krishnamachari