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Re: Shri anandha theertha's expressed by Mr Krishna kalale

From: venkat (
Date: Sun Jun 14 1998 - 17:04:16 PDT

I am sorry if i have ever misinterpreted shri anadha theertha...

but i would like to get clarified ......why do souls have gradations...why do 
they enjoy different grades of happiness in shri vaikunta???

if bramhan is impartial to all jeevas why does this happen???

how do u define the term "dependency" what happens to shruthis that talk about 
"sarira athma " relations.. 

the term abinna in abhinna nimitho upadhana karma is self explanatory here 
bramhan does not attain any vigaraa in his swaroopa but only in his roopa 

ther's a subtle difference between swaroopa and roopaa 

prapati is clearly stated as the lagu upaya in all the sashtras....

karma/jnana yoga are only angas of bakthi yoga..they do not give moksha 
directly.. and prapathi is a simplified form of bakthi yoga..

and it is very obvious that prapathi is very easy to be done as it has no kala 
desha varthamanam...and can even be done on behalf of others!!! 

i have heard that once a prapanna did prapathi for a dying dog!!! i dont know 
how far this would be accepted..

the charma sloka emphatically/clearly states about prapathi.... 

and i would be happy if i get a list of arguments against visishtadhwaithins..

please clarify my doubts so that i dont misread Shri anandha  theertha...

what else is the relation between jeevas and bramhan? can a single term be 
assigned which will explain all sorts of relation whatever Shri anadha theertha 

hope this is taken in a lighter sense and not as any offense please...