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Sri Vaishnava Paribaasha...

From: venkat (
Date: Sun Jun 14 1998 - 08:48:05 PDT

Dear friends on the list,

           the following is a collection of Sri Vaishnava Jargon (as u may call 
it) and the exact meaning of them...I have tried and gotten as much as i can for 
this moment please send inputs if u have any (obviously that are not in this 
           and i have tried my level best to derive a simmilar term/translatin 
to english if u find mistakes please point them out...(either in 
           This may come in handy when u visit "swamis" ,"vidhwans" etall and u 
can try and practice it @ home too.
     1)Dhantha Dhavanam,Dhantha Suddhi
        Brushing your teeth
     2)Theertha maadudhal,Neeraatam
        Taking Bath
     3)Snana Saadi
      Cloth that worn around your waist when u take bath    
     4)Veeshti Thiruparivattam
      8 or 12 feet long(1 gajam === 1 feet) that is worn with "kachams" or       
     5)Uthirreeyam a "veeshti" sort that u use to cover the portion above ure    
     6)Madi saanji A woollen bag for carrying all "aachara" stuff..
     7)Thirupudkuudai same as above but made out of palm/coconut leaf
     8)Thiruman kaapu "thiruman and srichuurnam"
     9)Ney ammudhu/abigaaram/Anna sudhi  pure ghee that is taken along with ure  
     10)Uthrabbojanam The "theertham" that u take for "pariseshanam" after u 
        finish taking ure meals
      11)Saadhithal  Serve food (the same word has a different meaning in        
          another context)
      12)Neezhukaramudhu/Neegizhkariyamudhu "saambar' "kuzhambu"
      13)Ubath amsam   Pickles "oorgai"
      14)Amudhu seydhal,Ami seydhal  to eat
      15)OOhooraygal  "poliyogarai","Dahi annam(dodhyodhanam)" "pongal" etc   
                        (pre mixed food)
      16)Thiruvullam  need/opinion/view/contention (of elders/of a respected     
      17)Ushnoodhagam  hot water(for drinking)
      18)Seedhodhgam     cold water(for drinking)
      19Ubavassam       Fasting (on "ekadhisi" etc)
      20)Paranai       Early feast on a "dvadhasi" (time depends on how long     
                       "dhvadhasi" occupies the day)
      21)Para anna niyamam Taking food only when few selected/particular
        person(s) serve
      22)Badhra Niyamam  taking food only on "aalilai"
      23)Syanithu kolludhal/Thiru kan vallardhal  Slepping/reclining
      24)Sayansaadi          night dress
      25)Thamayan          elder brother
      26)Thamakai           elder sister
      27)Pithamahar         paternal grand father
      28)Maathamahar        maternal grand father
     |||ly for pitha mahi and maatha mahi   
      29)Ammaaan,Mathular     uncle(mother's brother)
       30)Athan                      Aunt's son(Athai's son)
       31)Athanga                     aunt's daughter(athai's daughter)
       32)Ammanji                   Uncle's son
       33)Ammanga                    Uncle's daughter
        34)Thiru madapalli          Kitchen
        35)Arangu           Dining hall
        36)Thaligai           Meals/food
        37)Sthala suddhi   cleaning the place 'fore u keep ure meal plate/leaf 
             on that place..
         38)Thirukaaveri    Small cup(s) that hold(s) water for ure              
         39)Vatil           vessels/cups that carries the offerings that are 
            to be made during "pooja"
         40)Padicum        vessels/cups/plates that hold the "prasadhas" or that                
             already been offered (during pooja)
          41)Yella pannuthal/Yezhundhrula pannudhal
                        Displacing/moving "salagramamms" or "sacred" things
          42)Gantai seevithal/thiru mani seevithal   Ringing the bell during     
          43)Koil aazhwar       box/place wher the "salagramams" are kept 
          44)Adaikai             "vethalai/paakku"
          45)Thirumanjanam       "abishekam"
          46)Parimalam          "ellakai" etc 
          47)Satrupadi            decorating "salagramams"/"idols"/sandal paste
          48)Thiru Pariva(ya)ttam   cloth that used when u pay respects to       
                  elders ( in a public gathering /temple/functions etc)
           49)Seevakaalam/Saattrumurai     time during which vedhas/divya        
           prabandha is recited after "nivedhanam" (offering)
           50)Mangalassasanam   Compostions/praisings of "aacharyas" "azhwars"
              elders when they visit temples 
           51)Kandarulapannuthal   Offering/requesting to see  
           52)Thrivullampathaaa /Prathi grahikanum/Sveegarikanum   requesting    
            someone to accept that what u offer
           53)Adhyapagam      reciting Dhivyaprabandham
           54)Adhyaynam       chanting/reciting vedas
           55)Thirumeeni Paangaa /(Paanga)   Enquiring about one's well being    
           56)Srimukam     letters from elders/aacharyas/swamis/vidhwans
           57)Dheval      an addressing term(when u address others respectfully)
           55)Thiru Scevi saathanu/Katakshikanum     requesting to see/hear
           56)Thiru vulla Sceetram     Anger
           57)Thiru vulla kalaakam      worry
           58)Upekshai               not seeing/not noticing/not hearing
           59)Thiru voolacum     Standing in a Q
           60)Sree kosham          a sacred book 
           61)Thiru valarthi    general growth(height/weight) etc...
           62)Kusala prasnam          enquiring....      
           63)Niyamanam   order what elders/swamis/aacharyas and others ask u to 
           64)Sree soorna paripalanam decorating a dead body (of a person) with  
           65)Thiru vadyaynam   "Srartham"  death anniversary
           66)Saranyan thiru vulla padithi kondan/parama padhithu vittar/
             thiru naatalangarithar      referring  Death
            67)Swamy saadithar         swami told/said
            68)Thirumidatroosai    Voice of elders/aacharyas/swamis
            69)Thannadi Jyothi  returning back to Shri vaikuntam(perumal after   
                  his avatharam) or when any "accharyan" pass away u refer it    
                    like this
            70)Nimathranam  act of accepting to take part in the specail feast 
                             during "saratham"(this feast is only for swamis who 
                      is a sort of purohitha in a limited sense)
          the list will continue as and when the inputs come....
          venkataraghava dhasan