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Pittsburgh Conference Proceedings

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Jun 11 1998 - 07:20:35 PDT

Dear Speakers at the recently Concluded
Pittsburgh Meeting on " Sri Venaktesa Mahima ":

As a Chairman of the Pittsburgh Confernece ,
it is my pleasure to invite your attention
to the following information . 

There are plans to make the proceedings available to
those who could not attend the meeting in person .
We are also exploring  support from India and here 
to have these proceedings converted into a monograph 
for release thru the Thiruppathi-Thirumalai Devasthanam .

May I in this context request all the speakers send me 
their presentations in English with a para of abstract 
at the beginning not later than July 15 ? We have a lot of work 
to do together to make this happen with the blessings of 
the Lord of Thirumalai .Please contact me for details 
on format related questions . Please try to aim at 
8 to 12 pages long paper on your respective presentations .
If the presentation falls short of 8 pages , no problem
to include it .  

I beleive the excellent effort that went into the preparation 
of your speeches would be well received by the AasthikAs ,
who could have access to the monograph paying our tributes to 
the Lord of Sapthagiris in the first-of-its kind conference
covering the tributes of AzhwArs , AchhAryAs and NadhopAsakAs
to Sri Venkatanaathan .  

Best Wishes ,