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Re: Digest bhakti.v002.n589 regarding prapatthi and progress indicators

From: venkat (
Date: Thu Jun 11 1998 - 09:17:21 PDT

As clearly and emphatically ststed by Mr Baharadhwaj Jagannath 

( unlike that what was sent by some

Prapathi is just done as we re helpless the most important of the angas I feel 
is "MAHAVISHWASAM" and we should never have "DEVATHANTHRA SAMBANDHAM" in any 
case under any situation.this doesnt mean we have to abuse them...remeber one of 
the "devathas' who is been projected as par with paramathma is the greatest of 
all the "bahagavathas" and it is his family members who are projected as 
"ultimate reality" all we can do is just give due respects to those "devathas" 
and this doesnt mean we have to go worship and pay salutations etc....

Now an obvious question is ...
what has to be done when we are with friends from other sampradhayas or other 
beliefs..offer u some prasadhas of other "devathas"

if prasadha is "mouth watery" or u feel that ure friend may feel bad if u dont 
accept prasadhas... just say this deeply with utmost dedication faith....

"sarvam shri krishna dhivya mani padhukarpana masthu"  utter his holy name and 
just take the prasadha...

this may not be appreciated by all..... but in my case i try to avoid it as far 
as possible just whenever i start sensing the scene(and not the prasadha) slip 
away from it. if noticed are requested ... i just take a bit(yes just a bit of 
it) for formality sake after doing all what i said ....

i humbly feel that all souls are bahagavathas it is just the rest have not 
relized it that is all.

"Anthar bahischa tath sarvam vyapya narayana stitaha" is what the shruthi says..

there's an intresting article by Melpakkam swami on this on the mutts "sapthathi 

I shall get it  translated and send it...

okay to the main discusssion

 as pointed out earlier "mahavishwasam" and adhering to basic "varnashrama 
dharmas" is what is needed.
  his grace is such that he will surely season us ......and give us the 
  so if u have already have done prapathi pls pls have the mahavishvasam and pls
  the basic "nithya karmanushtanas" wherever u are.
  once my father answered my question which went like this times of 
difficulty (like u r doing an overnite journey or travelling etc) how do u 
propose to do sandhyavandahanam which involves "theertham" as an important 
  he just said that it is enough we keep chanting those manthras within 
ourselves ("maanaseeg") the pramana is "beeshma" ,"drona" and others when 
fighting the great "Kurukshethta" war were practising this....
  so there is no way that u fail from a duty of prapanna if u have mahavishwasam
  doing basic "karmanushtanas" wherever u r in this world , refraining from
  this "bagavatha abaacharam" and having no "devathantra samabandham"