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Re: Digest bhakti.v002.n588 PROGRESS INDICATORS....

From: venkat (
Date: Wed Jun 10 1998 - 13:11:31 PDT

Here we should understand that once prapatti is done we are assured of moksha...

At the time of prapatti paramathma nullifies the effect of karmas that are yet 
to yield the prapanna is affected only by those karmas which have 
started yielding and by the karmas which he is gonna commit...

we have a concept of called "sathivigathyagam" it is done at the start of every 
karma and the end of every karma.

it simply praises the paramathma with few adjectives and mean that the karma 
which is gonna be done by the doer is actually done by the indweller 
"antharyami" for his own will and pleasure and we do a sacrifice of the results 
of all the karmas

the verse goes like this "bhagavaneva svaniyamya svaroopa sthithi pravrithi 
svaichinkoyopakaranai svaradhanika prayojanaya paramapurushha sarva seshi 
sriyapatihi idham <the karma> karmai swasmai svapreethaye bhagavan swayameva 
kaarayathi( at the begining)(karithavan)(at the end)"

so all the karmas that are done by the prapanna are just the duties to be done 
based on varnashrama dharma and the results are sacrificed...

morever vaishnava dharma is very particular about not doing "bhagavatha 
abaacharam",and having "maha vishwasam" so we should never even in slightest of 
our dreams abuse a "bahgavatha" and we should always have faith that paramathma 
will grant moksha for whatever we are by the end of this birth.

swami desika says "tvai rakshathi rakshakaikimanyai tvaicharakshathi rakshakai 
kimanyai" so he is the only saviour.

we also have this "prayschitha prapathi" which is done after prapatthi(but only 
once) if the person feels that he has basically deviated from the laws of a 
prapanna after having done his prapatthi and he can gain do a second prapathi.

so it is sure that for whatever we are after prapatthi at the end of this birth 
we attain  moksha. this doesnt grant any license...if a person does sinful acts 
after having done his prapatthi he reaps the results of karma immly and the 
karmas are passed on to the foes and dear ones..

the indicator is nothing but "vairaghya",humility,"maha vishwasam" restlessness 
and eagerness to reach the lotus feet of god etc..

it is the complete varnashrama dharma and bhagavatha dharma that has to be 
followed for a quicker result...

but as it is difficult nowadays it is enough (accding to many swamis) that we do 
our nithya karmanushtanas like sandhya vandhanam, manthra japam ,bramha yagnam  
bhagavath aaradhanam and follow bhagavatha dharma..

thers's no use in enquiring in to brahman without even observing the basic 
varnashrama dharmas..

so it is sure that for whatever he/she is paramathma grants us moksha for the 

and the indicator is what is already told