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Re: Thiruvaaymozhi 6.10- AgalagillEn iRaiyum enRu alarmEl manghai uRaimaarbhA!

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Tue Jun 09 1998 - 17:45:56 PDT

A thousand thanks to Sri Madhavakannan for writing on Thiruvaizmozhi.  This
style of writing is very good for giving lectures.  I was forced by a self
imposed kainkaryam of celebrating Srivaishnava Festivals in San Diego, as a
part of NAMA San Diego Chapter, to give lectures on Sri Nammalwar.  I have
absolutely no idea of Tamil let alone Tamil pasurams.  These simple to
read, speech like presentation of Madhavakkannan is great.

I would like him to compose these, edit and make a book out it.  The other
book by SAthya murthy Ayyangar etc. are great but could be a little harder
to read and understand in these modern days.


Krishna Kalale