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More questions...

From: Balaraman M Sriram (
Date: Mon Jun 08 1998 - 08:49:57 PDT

Dear Vaishnavas,

My thanks to all those who replied to my basic questions on Sri 
Vaishnava Philosophy.I am delighted
to hear about the richness of it. To further progress my knowledge, I 
have the following
questions :

It is about attaining Vaikuntam or Moksham. I have heard that the place 
where the atma goes after
death is utterly determined by the thought in one's mind at the time of 
death. So , if one thinks
of Narayana as in the story of Ajamila then one attains Sri Vaikuntam. 
So we can assume that
uttering his holy name at the time of death will abslove us of all our 
sins.However how many
are really able to do it ? What is the difficulty in practically 
implementing this.When the
mind is filled with fear, the throat filled with bile, the limbs 
shivering, how will one be able 
to think of his holy name ?

What are the different types of Moksha that a person can obtain ?

What is the significance of crossing the swarga vassal on Vaikunta 
Ekadasi at Sri Rangantha's
holy abode in SriRangam ?



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