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From: venkat (
Date: Sat Jun 06 1998 - 18:26:54 PDT

         "Sri Bhoomi Neela Sametha SriLakshmi Nrisimha ParaBramhaneya Namaha"
    hullo all
    One of the ardent and young Srivaishnavas whom I know in person is humbly 
publishing a monthly magazine that elucidates the concepts of our philosophy in 
much simpler words.
 His name is M.V AnanthaPadhmanabhan (Krishnan) he is doing his"Kalaksheba"under 
"Purusai Swami" the editor of "Narasimha Priya".he is also a lecturer in 
Vaishnava college in Madras.
  The magazine has come out  with all blessings from "Srimadh Azhagiyasinger" 
and encouragement from few "Vidhwans".The magazine which runs for few pages 
comes out on every "uthiradam" the "Thiru Nakshathra" of "Injimotu 
Azhagiyasinger" the 42nd pontiff of Ahobila Mutt.
    The contributions of 42nd pontiff of Ahobila mutt to our Sampradhaya cannot 
be put in few words.If at all we boast about the number of "Vidhwans" in our 
Sampradhaya it is all owing to the efforts that were taken by "Injimotu 
Azhagiyasinger" to mould the same.He established the Madhurantagam "patashala" 
and started the "Narasimha priya" apart from innumerable and highly valuable 
contributions to our "Sampradhaya".
  Mr Ananthapadhmanaban has enthusistically agreed to give the articles that
    come out in his tamil magazine.
   The first issue is yet to be translated into english and the second issue is  
due to come out in few days.The editor assumes that the reader has no knowledge 
in sanskrit and a very simple language with no jargons is used in the articles.
    The magazine is published out of his own efforts without any assistance from 
any one and in his own selfless motive and  dedication to our "sampradhaya".
    It contains a article that was written by "Injimotu azhagiyasinger" and that 
which appeared in the earlier and older "Narasimha Priyas"In addition to this he 
    it has few articles that are written by him. 
    It also has a seperate session on sanskrit for all those who wish to learn 
the same.
      This is decided to be a regular article and is aimed at all those who has 
no basic knowledge of sanskrit.
      The lessons on Sanskrit will be directly emailed to all those who wish to
      get.The same is done with no return expectations.
  The articles will be directly sent to all those who wish to recieve and also 
to the archive every month.The articles that appear on archive will be in 
english for obvious reasons.
  The archive will however recieve a translated version in english of all the 
articles that come out in this magazine.
  The font software is yet to be decided so it is requested to all of u in 
person to decide on a font software and it will be higly useful if the same 
could be sent acroos in a valid *.zip format.
  At present he is using a share ware version of some font software for tamil 
and sanskrit for his DTP works and it is highly improbable for all to be using 
the same software.
  If some font software could be decided and arranged for tamil and sanskrit we 
can all use the same to read articles that appear in "Narasimha priya" and in 
this magazine which is known as "Shri Sriranga Satajith kripa".
      Mr AnanthaPadhmanaban has also set a target to himself to conduct a 
seminar within this tamil year "BAHUDHANYA" during which the mutt celebrates its 
600th anniversery.
      He is also collecting old palm leaf manuscripts and old books that are out 
of print or rare.
  His aim is to bring out or republish all those magnificient works that were 
written by our "poorvaacharyas" and famous "vidhwans".
  His selfless motto and dedication to our "sampradhaya" is yet to be known to 
our community.
  There is a proposal to form a commitee of young enthusiastic "srivaishnavas" 
to give a new face lift of our "sampradhaya" and register it as a trust.
  The long term goal of this trust is to set up a world class research centre 
and to give a face lift to our "Srivaishnava Sampradhaya".It also aims at the 
future generation and present younger generation to expose them to the greatness 
 and importance of our "Srivaishnava Sampradhaya".
 The plans and modalities are yet to be decided and drafted.All are slowly 
conceptualized and are at nascent stage.
 Mr Ananthapadhmanabhan has many plans for which he needs support from all 
enthusiastic "Srivaishnavas".
 All are requested to jointly discuss about the formation of the commitee and to 
decide on the board ,the plans modalities of the commitee etall.
 Please feel free to participate.It is just we need enthusiastic people who can 
be useful for the goal to be achieved and for their help in some way or the 
other.It has to be a joint effort and will be a joint effort.
  It is also proposed to have a chat session in any of the popular chat servers
  so that all the "srivaishanvas" can come together and chat on the net.I really 
 donot know about any chat sessions that go on the net regarding our    
"Sampradhaya".So let us decide on a popular chat server also if this idea is 
highly appreciable.

 venkataraghava dhasan.