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From: venkat (
Date: Fri Jun 05 1998 - 08:28:24 PDT

     Shri Bhoomi Neela Sametha LakshmiNrisimha ParaBramaneya Namaha
"Anaeka koti vandhanas to all the Srivaishnavas"

My name is K.S.Venkataraghavan and I am 26 this June 18th.

I am glad that I joined this bakthi list.

I would like to create a F.A.Q on all things that concern "SriVaishanavism"
our "Sampradhayas" etc..

Please feel free to mail me any qustions any time and I'll tey my level best to 
get an answer as early as possible from few "Swamis" whom I personally know and 
with help of huge volume of books my elders have and maintain.

mail me to

Venkataraghava dhasan