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From: Balaraman M Sriram (
Date: Thu Jun 04 1998 - 14:11:09 PDT

Hello everybody,

I am a new member to this list and hope to learn a lot from the many 
Scholars here.
I was born in a shivite family, all my early knowledge on vaishnavism 
stems from my maternal 
Grand mother,a widow who stays with us. She is a ardent disciple of Sri 
Parasara Ranganatha 
Bhutter of SriRangam.

Now , in the United States, I am depraved from the sight of the 
Lordships of SriRangam and
am hungry to listen to his glories as well as to the glories of his 
Alzwars. Now,  I am an
aspiring Vaishnava and request the blessed members of this group to 
satisfy my hunger for the
Lord's pastimes in the Bhakti Rasa.

I am currently with MCI communications, Dallas,TX working as an 
Analyst/Programmer. In Dallas, 
I am  fortunate to have the temple of his Lordship Radha kalachandji 
near my house and to take 
his Darshan every week atleast.

I offer my pranams to all the vaishnavas in this group who make it as 
sweet as "karumbu".



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