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Thiruvaaymozhi 6.8- Immerse yourselves fully in His kalyANa guNAs!

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Date: Thu Jun 04 1998 - 01:14:27 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Last week, I was down with high fever and hence could not perform my 
kaimkaryam to fellow Srivaishnavas the Thiruvaaymozhi vyAkhyanams. 
Please forgive me for my week (weak) long absence. 

Let us get back on the track and catch up with ParangusanAyaki's journey 
towards ThirukkOLUr. She, as her mother had predicted rightly, could not 
withstand the journey, especially due to her emotions and mental 
sufferings. She stops on the way and decides to send messengers to the 
Lord, instead. 

Dearest Sisters and Brothers, In amchiRaiya madanaaraay Thiruvaaymozhi, 
AzhwAr sent the messengers describing Emperumaan's forgiving nature of 
His bhakthAs' errors and misgivings. In vaigal poongazhivaay 
Thiruvaaymozhi, AzhwAr narrates about Emperumaan's capacity of 
protecting His bhakthAs in his messages to the Lord. Now, in this ten 
pAsurams, when she sends the messenger, she mentions her admiration of 
Emperumaan's grace by being in intertwined existence with His devotees 

1. Oh Birds! The Ones who have the streamlined beauty in your swift body 
and who are so friendly! I, the Greatest sinner (for having left My Lord 
and ) am now begging all of you to take my messages. My master KaNNan, 
the One who is of dark clouds color and is a blue hued Lord, by His own 
thoughts alone, created all worlds in the beginning- Such Lord of mine 
has taken away all my good. (I am now feeling bad, hence. He is 
troubling me!). Please tell Him my present pitiable state on my behalf. 
If you do that, I will give you both the Golden Paramapadham and the 
entire Earth. (How can she give them? because If the bird goes and tells 
Him, He will immediately save her; He will become her possession. It is 
His Paramapadham and His Earth, which will be hers. Hence, she can give 
them. She does not need them, when He is there with her.  - say 

2. Oh Parrots! Please go to Bhagawaan, on my behalf. He is The One who 
has the ChakrA in His hand and the One who has the Most Beautiful red 
curved lipped mouth. Please go and tell Him that it is my great desire 
to hug His Most Beautiful Divine Body lovingly and express my deep love 
for Him. If you help me thus, I will feed you everyday with delicious 
fruits and milk and ghee rice, in the middle of my group of beautiful 
girl friends. 

3. Oh flock of bees! Will you all not pour the honey (that you have been 
sucking and enjoying from the thuLasi on Bhagawaan's Head) onto the 
flowers in my hair?  That KaNNan is the One who drove the massive 
chariot in KurukshEthra battle and made the kaurava army pulverize 
(without even lifting a weapon). After telling Him my pitiable state, 
come and pour that honey.)  (Also this" thoo madhu vaaygaL koNdE" means: 
Not only honey. Also the sweet words. i.e by speaking soft sweet words 
about KaNNan in my hair, make me happy.) 

4. Oh  ThumbhI, the Ones who stay at my mullai flower gardens! When you 
go towards that place with your sweet talks, to drink the honey there, 
please ask Him on my behalf (as to what is His plan?). I am the 
mahApaapi, who has believed His deceitful lies and pretensions. I am so 
gullible and He is such a consummate liar! When you all see Him, please 
go and ask Him "Is it correct to leave her suffer terribly longing for 
You and Is it appropriate to sit here comfortably without even bothering 
about her situation? Is that Your nature? is that Your love for her?". 
Please ask Him such questions.

5. Oh my dear parrots (whom I had brought up)! Come here! Listen to me. 
Wherever you fly, when you see my Emperumaan, my beloved lover, ask Him 
"is this His nature to leave me like this?". He has stupefied me with 
His great ride so smoothly on Periya Thiruvadi (GarudA). Please go and 
see such Red lipped beautiful Lord of mine, and ask Him whether it is 
correct for Him to be silent in showering His Graceful, merciful glances 
at this girl.

6. Oh Poovai paRavaigaLE! (Poovai birds) whom this sinner had brought 
up! (look at my state of affairs! when the parents and guardians should 
enjoy seeing the Kids grow up, here, on the contrary, I am alone. He is 
there and I am asking those whom I had brought up to help me join Him! 
Such a sinner I am!- This is nampiLLai's thaathparyam.) Please go and 
tell Him that it is completely improper of Him to leave me in this 
state. He will listen to you and also give us thuLasi from His Lotus 
Feet. He is My KaNNa perumaaan, the One who wears the brightest pooNool 
on His dark, huge body. (nampiLLai again interprets beautifully: by 
showing the thread "nool" on His Beautiful body, He has cut asunder the 
darkness in my mind and enabled me come in these "nool" (scriptures and 

7. Emperumaan KaNNan is of the colour of poovai (kaayaampoo- 
pArijAtham?) flowers. He has got lotus like most beautiful eyes. He is 
the One who has the intertwining existence in all sentient and 
non-sentient beings and non-beings and directs them even. He is the One, 
KaNNan, who killed the kesi asurA, who came in the guise of horse, to 
kill KaNNan. Please go and tell such Madhusoodhana piraan, My Master, 
and speak on my behalf what all I just told you. If you do that,  the 
sufferings of this sinner will be removed. 

8. Oh kurugu bird! Considering the love of My Emperumaan only as the 
refuge and the only means, I have left all other relations and bandhus 
in this world. Now being away from the only support, how long should I 
be suffering like this? Please have mercy one me kurugu bird! Please 
speak to Him on my behalf! Tell My Emperumaan, who has the darkest, 
faultless, blemishless, long hairs on His Head,  "This girl has been 
suffering tremendously the pangs of separation from You. There is no 
other refuge for her except You. She is NOT able to even see any other 
thing. She has been awaiting Your cool, merciful glances at her." (here 
the first word of this pAsuram "paasaRavaydhi" means: Leaving other 
relations and bondages away. Also, there is another meaning: You all get 
my "pasalai" colour (the colour of my paleness due to my languishing) 
and show that to Him.- Wow what a play of words by AzhwAr!)

9.Oh Crane birds! The Ones who search their preys on the water surface! 
There is no help for me, a sinnerand a sufferer, except you. Please go 
and see the Chief of NityasUris, My Emperumaan KaNNan, the Cloudy dark 
hued coloured Lord of mine and tell Him my situation and this state of 
my suffering. Please come and fill my heart with the words that He has 
spoken to you in response to your telling Him. Please save me by telling 
His words uninterruptedly. Please show mercy on me!

10. Oh Lady swans! Uninterruptedly, without any separation from your 
male counterparts and all your relations, you all have been staying and 
enjoying in this world. On my behalf, please take pity on me and tell 
Lord VishNu, my pitiable state of suffering due to being separated from 
that Lord. When that Emperumaan, is having His "special" peaceful time 
only with His consort MahAlakshmi, (who is staying in His chest) please 
grab that opportunity and tell Him my state. He will listen that time. 
(Dear sisters and brothers, Have you observed? the same opportune time, 
Sri RamanujA chose for performing his saraNAgathy at DivyaDamapti's Feet 
at Srirangam during sEtthi sevai). Tell Him: This girl has lost her all 
good due to being separated from You." and get to know from Him His 
response. (here in this pAsuram, there is a line "manthiratthu onRu 
uNartthi"- means: when He is alone (with His consort) go and tell Him 
one thing. that one thing is being a servant to Him only. This is also 
the meaning of "nama" in AshtAksharam. Also, Manthiram is PraNavam. the 
middle one is "u"-ukaaram. Here onRu refers to that also. Means: Go and 
tell that there is none else to whom we will become servants and 
explains the "ananyaarhathai" of the soul.- What an AzhwAr! How deep are 
his words! How deep is her love!)

11. Thirukkurugoor is a place where it is filled entirely with gardens 
of most fragrant flowers. There Sri SadagOpar was born and he composed 
1000 pAsurams on Madhsoodhanan Emperumaan and His guNAs. Out of those 
1000, readers of these ten pAsurams, will be like the fertile sands (of 
smallest size of about 75 microns?) in fountains of water that get 
dissolved in such waters. Similarly, they will have hearts immersing 
themselves in Lord's kalyANa guNAs and melt and dissolve in those 
anubhavams and beauties. (The palasruthi: read these ten. You will lose 
your self in Emperumaan's kalyANa gunAs and ThirumEni sowndharyam.)             
NammAzwAr ThiruvadigaLE saraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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