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From: Vidvan Gauranga JPS (
Date: Wed Jun 03 1998 - 06:17:42 PDT

Dear Sri Vaishnavas,

Hare Krishna! Please accept my shashtaanga namaskaaras. All glories to Srila
Ramanuja and the Vaishnava Acharyas.

I am from Madras. My father was from Sri Vaishnava background though
unfortunately he lost interest in this great tradition. So I had come to
know about Vaishnavism from my father. Later, by the mercy of the
Vaishnavas, I came in touch with ISKCON.

The mercy of the Lord made me decide to serve Him as a temple-resident
devotee in ISKCON. I came to Sri Mayapur, the birthplace of Sri Chaitanya
Mahaprabhu, in West Bengal. From that time, I am trying to do various humble
services to the devotees in fulfilling ISKCON's mission to spread the
Vaishnava teachings worldwide.

Recently I developed an interest in studying Sri Vaishnava sastras. So I was
delighted to know about the Sri Vaishnava forum on the Internet and so I
have applied for membership (which has been accepted too).

Thank you. Please forgive my foolishness.

Your servant,
Vidvan Gauranga Das