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Re: bandhu

From: R.Balaji (
Date: Tue Jun 02 1998 - 02:46:34 PDT

Sri.MK Krishnaswamy wrote:
> Dear Bhakti-group members,
> Shriman Sudarshan's (R.Balaji) scholarly posting is timely to canalise
> our thoughts in the right direction.  We may try to understand the Lord; but attempts to cast Him in our image of right and wrong will take us away from the path of Bhakti. 
I very much agree with the above comments but hasten to state my posts
on Verse#4 of the kAmAsikAshtakam must NOT be regarded as anything more
than mere "musings" of a free-wheeling lover of Desikan's poetry. I
don't think there is anything remotely "scholarly" about them.

I often recite or mutter this delightful hymn to myself in a week ... 
as I drive to work or as I take an evening stroll. But very rarely do I
actually reflect on phrases or expressions in the poem at length as I
have done on the "list" the past few weeks.

I am doing little more than just "thinking aloud" in my posts.
Please indulge me my small, harmless pleasures, if you don't mind.
Thank you, Sir,