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Date: Mon Jun 26 1995 - 16:11:18 PDT

Re: About Sreekrishna

I (Kotikanyadanam Tatachar Sreekrishna or K. Sreekrishna) am a Molecular
Biologist employed at Hochest Marion Russell Pharmaceuticals in Cincinnati.  I
came to know about the Bhakti-Prapatti group  from Mr. Krishna Prasad. I am
originally from Bangalore, where I completed my Ph.D in Biochemistry and
migrtated to US in 1978. I belong to a Kancheepuram Tatachar family.  My
ancestors migrated to Mysore Samsthanam(Talakad) about 200 years ago. 

 I grew up in an authentic Vadagalai sampradayasta family. I was a spectator
(only a spectator) to  Bhagavata kalakshepams, Vydika ahnikams, Veda-Prabhanda
Parayanams,  various Shubha and Punya samskarams,  and the whole works.  We
always had a host of Bhagavathas and Bhagavatha parivarams visiting  and
studying under my father.  They and my dad always said that we belonged to a
Periya Vamsham-Shottai Kulam, the lineage of , Thirumalai Nambi, Alavandar,
Panchamata Bhanjana  Tata Desikar,  Sri Ramanujacharya (nephew to our
Vamshavriksham) and so on.  To me all these things were nothing more than
something to be made fun off and I did a lot of that. I,  being the eighth and
the youngest child, got away with minimal actual participation. Amidst all 
kalapams,  I did learn  from my illustrious father (Sri. K.S. Krishna 
Bhagavadgita (I mean commiting to memory the entire Gita by the age of 9) and
Sandhyavandanam ( age 15; did  I say they were lenient on me).  I have been a
steady student of Gita since then. I do Sandhyavandanam (trikala Sandhya , all
at one time in the shower)  and Pitre (father) Tarpanam. I am running out of
Dharba and the discussions on this topic has been valuable to me. This August 
I will be  doing  Shraddam (my first time in the US).

   I am interested in the Vedic Samskaras and I have started the long learning
process at my own pace from the past 10 years.  I have helped people perform
various rituals whenever  approached and wherever I felt that I knew one 
more than them. I am fairly actively involved in the local community and share
my ignorance freely. I coordinate  Sri Ramanujacharyas Thirunakshatram and 
Jayanti programs at our Hindu Society of Greater Cincinnati Temple, which is
predominantly subscribed by  people of North Indian origin. We have at least
one set of Dwadasha Namams in Cincinnati (12 Iyengar families) and most of 
attend these two functions. I am more fluent in Kannada than Tamil. I write
small  articals  of general interest to Hindus on numerous subjects for the
various Temple news letters.  The titles of my published articals, which  I
fondly call "the Apabramshams and the Asamanjasams" of K. Sreekrishna (Ambi) 
as follows:

1. Why do we offer food and other material things to God?
2. Bhagavadgita's view point on food.
3. A surprise test for Yudhistira (a story for children based on Yaksha Prasna
4. Creation (Sristih) according to  Hinduism.
5. Youth and Children sing the glory of Vishnu (a note on Vishnu Sahasranamam)
6. The twelve Jyothir Lingas of Shiva
7. A Shivaratri Story (for children, adopted from Kumara Sambhavam of 
8. Rajarshi Kulashekara Alwar
9. Significance of Guru
10. Hindu significance of Christmas  and Easter (based on chapter 10 of Gita )
11. When years have names.
12. Similarities between Lord Hanuman and Swamy Vivekananda.
13. Religions all not same.

I am a happy camper in the Bhakti club,  and thanks for letting  me in .

Sincerely, Sreekrishna
(PS: Mr. Mani's grand father, is cited as one of the Gurus of my father).