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Iyengars & Brahmins
Date: Sat Jun 24 1995 - 14:13:08 PDT

Two articles were mentioned, one on Iyengars and the other on Brahmins.
Iyengars are Sri Vaishnava Brahmins. Not all Brahmins are, of course,
Iyengars. I'm sure you must be able to search some database somewhere if you
are interested in  these particular articles. For other information on
Iyengars I suggest that you get a hold of a book called Sri Vaishnava
Brahmans by K. Rangachari reprinted (1986) by Gian Publishing House 29/6
Shakti Nagar, New Delhi 110007 India. For information on Brahmins, there are
so many books, you need to be more specific about exactly the subject matter
you require.