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Re: Definition of prapatti

From: raghunath govindachari (
Date: Tue Jun 20 1995 - 07:39:58 PDT

I have a question for the group.

Today morning I was reading tthe Perumal Thirumozhi. In pasuram 5,
Kulasekhara perumal sings:

iNaiyillA innisai yAzhkezhumi
thumburuvum n^Arathanum iRainchi yEththa
thuNaiyillAth thenmaRain^ool thOththiraththAl
thonmalarkkaN ayanvaNangi yOvAthEththa

In line 3 he mentions thenmaRain^ool and goes on to say that brahma sings it 

What we now understand as thenmaRai n^ool is the 4000 divyaprabhandham
 which includes periya thirumozhi. What was he referring to, then?
I am ignorant about the relative periods of Kulasekharar and Nammazhwar.
Is he referring to thiruvay mozhi? or that of the muthal azhwargal?

Thanks for any insight.