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[Introduction from V. Sadagopan]

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Jun 19 1995 - 11:13:00 PDT

Dear Mani: Krishna Prasad gave me your name and asked me to get in touch with
you to become a member of the Prapatti Group. I think I would enjoy becoming a
part of this group.Thanks for including me in this group.

As for myself, I hail from Thiruvinagar (Oppiliappan Koil ) and have been a
sudent of Ubhaya Vedanta . I belong to the4 Ahobila Mutt tradition and take
active part in the Ranganatha Seva Samithi activities here. 

I graduated from MIT with a Doctor Of Science  Degree in material Science and
have worked for IBM for 26 Years in addition to an year at the UN in geneva and
Newyork in the staff of the Secretary General. At IBM Research , where I spent
most of my career , I was the University Relations Executive responsible for IBM
Research"s interface with the Outside R&D world. 

I retired from IBM Last year to pursue other interests in Telecommunication,
Multimedia and Educational Delivery Systems thru distance learning . 

I have published the following Books and  articles :
1.Satguru Thyagaraja"s Pancha Ratna Krithis , 234 Pages elaborating on the
Vaishnava Doctrines of Saranagati enshrined there and the Other Musical

2.Sri Rudram: Annotated Commentary.

3.Kulasekahara"s Mukunda Mala,Annotated commentary.

4.108 Divya Desams as experienced by Alwars : 420 pages manauscript in Tamil to
elaborate on the Vedic Basis of Alwar"s Aruli Cheyalgal.

5.Translation of the Padhuka Sahasram of Sri Vedanta Desikan in to English.

6.Tamil Book On Thillai Tiruchitra Kootam and Thirumangai Alwar"s Pasurams.

7. A Host odf Articles on Dekkshitar"s Kritis Dealing with Navaavaranam and Sri
Chakram .

8.Shyama Sastri"s Nava Ratna Malika Kritis.

9.A series of Articles on Sahnmatas , Bhagavatam, Hanuman/Ramayana, Dhyanam,
Sakti peetams , Pranavam, The theory of Rebirht et al for Sringeri Peetam"s
English magazine(Tattvaloka).

10. Current activities: Translation of Sriman Narayaneeyam and Swami Desikan"s
Tatparya Ratnavali into English.

11. Major  effort Underway: The Ubhaya Vedanta Tradition: Sanskrit Vedas and the
Tamil Vedas, The links and smayam. 

Look forward to receiving some samplings of the earlier correspondence of the
group to get a flavor of the interests and discvussions.


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