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Date: Thu Jun 08 1995 - 13:34:32 PDT

Hi, my name is Sumanth Kaushik. I was introduced to this group by my
friend Krishnaprasad. I did manage to examine the web page and was
quite impressed with the amount of work taken by Mani in organizing
this group.

Re: me. I finished my Ph.D last year in the EECS Department. My work
was in solid state theory and opto-electronics.  I am presently a
post-doctoral scientist at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuq., New
Mexico working in the area of photonics.  I have a strong background
in theoretical physics motivated primarily by a deep  interest in
Hindu philosphy.

I come from  a  devout vadegalai iyengar family. I consider
myself quite religious. I have had my samashrayanam done by Sri
Andavan Swami. 

There are a number of issues that I would like to bring to attention
of this newsgroup for possible topics of discussion. I will do so in
separate postings, so as to keep these e-mails in manageable size.

Some of the issues that I would like to address are: (1) universality
of the sri-vaishnavism (namely,  is it?),  (2) intellectualization of
God (is it possible? is it necessary? and is it beneficial?) and (3)  
the future of sri vaishnavism and what we, as residents of America,
should do to help foster this in US and in India 

The underlying thread in all of these topics is my perception that the
philosphy of visistadvaita, and in particular the tenets of sri
vaishnavism (I view them as distinct), are losing its resonance
amongst the youth of today -- especially amongst the educated and the
intellectual elite. Since the youth of today will be the torch bearers
of the faith tomorrow, to lose our youth is to lose the religion.

I would be very interested in hearing from the members on the net
about their thoughts and experience and perhaps provide their own
vision of the future of what I personally think is a beautiful
religion and a wonderful philosophy. 

Thanks and I look foward to interesting discussion in the future.