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From: Satish Bukkapatnam (
Date: Mon Jun 05 1995 - 15:13:16 PDT

Thank you very much for including me in your mailing list.
I am currently a PhD student in Industrial and Manufacturing
Engineering, Penn State. I came to US in 1992 after my undergrad.
I did my undergrad and schooling in my native place--Tirupathi.

Both my parents are professors in local universities. My
first interest in "vaideeka" way-of-life started with my maternal
grand father, who was a maNaiyagAr of Tiruchanoor thaayar temple.
He taught me some desika stothrams. Later when I was about 7-8
years old, I started learning divya prabandham from a dedicated
"vaadhiyaar" (late) sri Kambarajapuram Seshadri Iyengar. Since
then, I used to be a "regular" in the adhyapaka koizhitti
(goshti) of the Tirupathi temples, till I left Tirupathi for USA.
Incidentally our vaadhiyaar passed away days after our "last santhai".

My knowledge of prabandham is restricted to "rote-learning", one
main reason being that Tamizh was not part of our school
curriculum. I have just started to understand the beauty of
Azhwaar pasurams, thanks to some postings in SCT. I am looking
forward to learning a lot thrugh this mailing list.