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Re: prabandham and commentaries

From: Badrinarayanan Seshadri (
Date: Fri Jun 02 1995 - 09:53:52 PDT (Mani Varadarajan) wrote:

* Badri,
* What does periyavaacchaan piLLai say about the more
* "objectionable" portions of the thirumaalai that have
* been discussed earlier on the net? I.e., the verses
* where he has harsh words to say about people of other
* religions?
* Mani

I will try to translate and post thirumaalai 7 & 8. I
have completed part of 7 and will do that for 8 too
and then post them as soon as possible. My sanskrit
knowledge is extremely poor and even in cases where I
can understand the meaning, my English vocabulary is
very limited to translate many of the words. So, where
it is not possible, I have simply tried to provide
the sanskrit or thamizh words themselves.

As expected, periyavachchan piLLai tries to reason out
as well as justify some of the words of aazhvaar. In
fact, he has even convinced me a little bit - though
not fully yet :-)


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