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From: manikandan n (
Date: Fri Jun 29 2001 - 23:43:41 PDT

Om Namo Narayanaya,

My Namaskarams to the great Vedas , My namaskarams to 
the great Upanishads, My namaskarams to all the
Acharyas of hinduism and my namaskarams to

I take this previlage to Introduce my self.
My name is Manikandan alias Hari Hara Rama Krishna
Adiyen was born on the 30th Of April 1974 in chennai
to Sri Lakshmi Narasimhan Iyer and Srmt.Subbulakshmi.
The cupples who strictly adhere to the traidtion and
principles of hinduism. I live in chennai. I am
married and I have a son.

My wife's name is Sharadha and my sons name is
Krishnan Lakshmi Narasimhan. Our forefathers came from
the holy temple city of Srirangam.

I work for a software testing company as project
manager in chennai.

I was inspired to join this group when I stumbled
accorss the explantions and comments provided by shri
Murali Rangasamy on the various doubts/clarifications
riased by the members of this bhaktigroup on
SriSudarasana alwar.

I have been a staunch devotee of Sudarshana alwar from
my childhood, but the explantion provided by Shri
Murali Rangaswamy gave a totally different perspective
on sudarashana alwar

Sri Katazhakiasingar thunai
Sri Sudarshana Narasimha swami thunai


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