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Release of Volume 4 , 5 and 6 of Swamy Desikan's sthOthrams by The RaamAnujA Mission, Inc. of USA : Congratulations on a Major Task Completed with distinction

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 08:53:45 PDT

SrI NigamAntha MahA DesikAya Nama:

Dear BhakthAs:

An oft-quoted Sanskrit slOkam pays its tribute 
to the divine language of Sanskrit this way:

BhAshAsu MukhyA MadhurA DhivyA GheervANa BharathI
TasyAm hi Kaavyam  madhuram TasmAdhapi SubhAshitham

(Meaning): Among all the languages spoken by
human kind , Sanskrit(GheervANa BharathI) is
the divine language of Sanskrit. Out of which
originated the delectable MahA Kaavyams , 
SthOthrams and Good words(SubhAshithams/NanneRI) 
instructing us on the code of conduct for aasthikAs.

This slOkam points out that the GambhIra GhIrvana(devA's) 
language is both Madhuram and Dhivyam. Many AchAryaas
have chosen Sanskrit to bless us with Sri Sookthis
( Swamy Alavandhaar , RaamAnujA , Kuresar et al).
The choice of the word "Bharathi" in this slOkam 
connects Sanskrit to the Vedhic heritage , where 
the speech is divided in to three: iLA ,Sarasvathi 
and BhArathi. 

In no one's life is the usage of Sanskrit 
for Sri Sookthis  more prominent than in
that of Swamy Desikan ( 1268-1369 CE). He used
Sanskrit to bless us with Pancha MahA Kaavyams ,
28 Sthothra granthams , 25 Sri Sookthis pertaining to
philosophy and religion .The 28 sthOthra granthams 
are a class in their own right since they are 
Sakala Vedha-Saashtra Saaram besides having 
manthra sakthi. 

It is my pleasure to let you know that three 
BhagavathAs of Sri Ramanuja Mission inc. of
Maryland have released the last set of three audio
CD ROMs housing 12 sthOthrams of Swamy Desikan:

Volume 4:

(1) Abheethi Sthavam (29 SlOkams)
(2) NyAsa dasakam (10 SlOkams)
(3) NyAsa Vimsathi ( 21 SlOkams)
(4) NyAsa Tilakam ( 32 SlOkams)
(5) SaraNAgathi Deepikai

Volume 5:

(6) Garuda PanchAsath(52 SlOkams)
(7) VaradarAja PanchAsath(51 slOkams)
(8) DeavanAyaka PanchAsath(53 SlOkams)

Volume 6:

(9) Raghu Veera gadhyam (4 Gadhya Vaakhyams )
(10)GopAla Vimsahty( 21 SlOkams)
(11)YathirAja sapthathi (74 SlOkams)
(12)Swamy Desika Mangalam ( A salutation to Swamy 
    by His sishyar)

adiyEn had the bhAgyam of listening to all of
the 826 SlOkams of the 28 SthOthrams of Swamy
Desikan in 22 metres prior to official release .
These 826 sthOthrams are housed in the 6 superbly 
crafted Audio CD ROMs produced by Sriman Nadadur
Madhavan . The recitation of all of the 826 slOkams
have been done with devotion by the two brothers 
from New Jersey ,SrImAns ShyAmsundar  and Venkatanathan
SreenivAsan , who are recipients of this treasure 
from their revered grandfather from their childhod days.

adiyEn would like to recommend to you all
to acquire these rare set of Audio CD ROMs ,
which have been produced with great care for your
family recitation . The covers for these 6 CD ROMs 
have been designed by Sri Madhavan with great sense of
asthetics and contain the images of AchAryAs and 
Dhivya Desa EmperumAns .

The chastity of recitation , the breath control of
the two reciters to realize a recitation in unison
is an experience to cherish. Their speed of recitation
to correspond to the different lengths and specifics
of the 22 metres is some thing that you can appreciate
when you hear their renderings.

Swamy Desikan chose short and yet elegant metres like
Anushtup ( VandhE BrundhAvana Chaaram of GopAla 
Vimsathi: First slOkam ) to complex, long  metres 
like SaardhUla Vikreditham , and rare metres like
Saalini , Vamsastham , VaithALIyam , PushpithAgrA , 
RaTOddhathA , Manju BhaashiNI et al.Both Sri ShyAM
and Venkat SreenivAsan have brought out the lilting 
beauty of the Viruttha(metre) Devathais of these
slOkams before us .

In YathirAja sapthathi alone , Swamy Desikan has
chosen for His splendid tribute to AchArya RaamAnujA ,
74 verses set in 14 metres . Significant voice control,
PadhacchEdham learnt from SampradhAyic scholars 
would be needed to recite these slOkAs of Sapthathi
and other master pieces like DayA sathakam . 
The SreenivAsan brothers have accomplished this
laudable feat .

adiyEn recommends these 6 audio tapes for your
Family audio libraries and learning of  these sthOthrams
with manthra siddhi and study the Sakala Saasthropanishad
tatthvams housed in them by the Parama DayAlu ,
Swamy NigamAntha MahA Desikan.

adiyEN congratulates the Producer, the Reciters of
Swamy Desikan's SthOthra Grantham Audio CD ROMs
and the RaamAnujA Mission officials for supporting
this noble project for the benefit of all Sri VaishNavAs.

Swamy Desikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan 




           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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