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Fwd: Help needed on Mimamsa
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 19:55:34 PDT

Dear Vaishnavas,

I would be obliged if anyone could throw some light on the Anandamimamsa, its 
printed editions, any subcommentaries etc. Please feel free to send a cc to 
Sri Pramod Kumar.


> From: (M.Pramod Kumar)

>  Dear Vishal,
>   Also, I would like to know the names and other details of the author of 
>  treatise 'Ananda Mimasa'. I did a search for all these on the Net but
>  couldn't get anything substantial. I just hit upon one Vishistadvaita
>  ejournal where a scholar was quoting from this 'Ananda Mimasa' but
>  Yahoogroups did not reveal his email id because I am not a member of that
>  ejournal............ perhaps you could post these queries on some of the 
Vedanta and other
>  lists.
>  Thanks in advance.
>  Best wishes
>  Pramod

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