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thiru viNNagarath thEn - part 2 - viNNAppath"thEn"

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 02:51:57 PDT

Srimadh Azhagiya Singar thiruvadikaLE saraNam
(Intended "thEn" meanings from pAsurams will start form part 5)

thiru viNNagarath thEn - part 2 - viNNAppath"thEn"

Dear bAgawathAs,

It  was  viNNappith"thEn"  earlier  and  not  it is viNNappath"thEn".
A small anubavam of the beauty of thiruviNNagarappan is dealt in this
part on starting this  serious series. In other words, this is like a
prayer  prior to starting anything.  Please  forgive adiyEn for  this 
necessary prayers.

paninthEN arumalarAm pAthan thannil
kaninthEN irumalaril vinthan mEyavanai
initthEN kaNdEn thEn thuzhAy thArAnai
aninthEN vaNdulAr sOlai nAyagan paRaithannai

adiyEn is getting ready to drench myself in this thEn mazhai. adiyEn
surrendered at the  Holy  feet of Lord Sri Oppiliappan that are very
similar to those rare flowers that contain sweet honey.  His  beauty
is so much enchanting that thiru mangai AzhwAr told HIM 9  times  in
his whole  pathigam  that If he cannot see this  viNNagar mEyavan he
will  not  seek to continue  his Manai vAzhkkai.

"AndAy unaik kAnbathOr aruL enakku aruLithiyEl
vEndEn maNai vAzhkkaiyai viNNagar mEyavanE !"

ivaraik  kANak kangaLukkuL  yAgath  theeyai  vaLarththu  irun"thEn".
neerAtta nechukkuLLE neer vaLarthuirun"thEn". Finally adiyEn  had  a
darshan  of this viNNagar mEyavan through both my  eyes  (irumalar).
kaNda  nodiyil   ithayam   Asaiyil  Aynthu   thuditthu    irun"thEn"
kaNAthathaik kaNdathil  kaNNeerth"thEn" kasin"thEn". avarin poovizhi
pArvaiyil "thEn" veLLam perugiyathu.   avaraik  kaNda  kaNavu  innum
kaNgaLil  kalaiyAthu  iruntha"thEn" theirya villai.

I was doing a yAgath"thee" in my  eyes seeking to  have a darshan of
this Lord. I  was  also holding a lot of water (eeram or neermai) in
my heart to do thiru manchanam for HIM. On one day, as if I am being
responded for all these yAgam, adiyEn had the bAgyam  of  having the
darshan  of  this  viNNagara  mEyavan  through both my eyes (the two
flowers). On that very moment of  seeing  HIM my  heart was  beating
heavily.  Having  seen  something that one never get to see in their
life, My  eyes  were watering. However, eyes of the the Lord were as
similar to flower garden and a lot  of  honey was over  flowing from
those flowers (karunAmirhtam). Though I thought  I  had seen  HIM it
was  all  as if  I had a dream. I felt that dream had struck deep in
me and had never gone  away  from me. I  didnot know as to why I was
still in that dream.

I felt so sweet in my thoughts when adiyEn had the darshan  of this
"thEn thuzhAy thAran". (ie. the Lord  in this "thuLasi vaNam"  that
provides a lot of honey to all the bees around[*]). I adorned these
sweet pAsurams as a  lakshaNam (or one of my aNikalan or angi) of a
prapannA (ie.. to  do naicchi anuasnthAnam and plead to Lord). Such
pasurams are delivered on this hero  (our  Lord Sri Oppiliappan) of
this poon"chOlai" or flower garden that the bees always buzz around.
HE  is none other than the "thEn" of viNNagaram and is  also  known
as "thEn enum viNNappan". ie..HE is the viNNappath"thEn"

Prior to embarking  on this small journey  of  drenching in various
"thEn", one will attempt to dwell on a  common question in adiyEn's
and many other similar bAgawathAs's mind. ie.. Why make a "big deal"
out  of   this  reference  to "thEn" and other such words used in a
simple  poetic reference. These poetic references are anyway common
to many  other such poems. So why now (*)? Having learnt who is the
viNNappath"thEn", One will also want to learn about two other "thEn"s
and the answer to the above question, prior to knowing the 21 "thEn"s
intended for this series.

Sri kumuthavaLLi nAcchiyAr samEtha Sri thirumangai AzhwAr thiruvadikaLE 
Sri boomidEvith thAyAr samEtha Sri Oppiliappan thiruvadikaLE saraNam.
adiyEn irAmAnusa dAsan
thiruk kudanthai Sampath Rengarajan

(*) Please stay tuned for an  inner  meaning for these buzzing bees
and this thuzhAy vanath thEn. This will be dealt in part 4.
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