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Re: Two Humble questions

From: Malolan Cadambi (
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 17:04:29 PDT

srimathe ramanujaya namaha
srimatha nigamantha maha desikaya namaha

Dear Sri Suresh S,

You equired:
> 1.Could anyone Kindly explain to me who is Neela Devi.

Sri M.S.Hari of Singapore had explained the concept in another mailing list.
I have reproduced pertinent sections of his article. This is a delicate
concept, I would suggest one to concentrate while reading this article.

SwAmi SrIman nigamAntha mahA dESika in his celebrated grantham SrI nyAya
sidhdAnjanam has answered this question clearly. I quote swAmi's words from
"Iswara parichchEdam" as follows:
"EthEna bhUmyAdErapi tadamSathvavachanam nirvyUdam".
SrI (ie., LakshmI - VishNu pathni) is in the Iswara-kOti. That is, she is
Iswara-thathvam just like VishNu is Iswara-thathvam. But, using ati-dESa
nyAyam, VishNu  has danda-darathvam and SrI has purushakArathvam as unique
features to themselves. SrI is Sesha-bhUthi of VishNu. Apart from this, all
aspects applicable for VishNu as Iswara-thatvam (upAyathvam, upEyathvam,
jagath-kAraNathvam, Sarva-AadhArathvam, Sarva-niyantruthvam,
etc) are equally applicable to SrI as Iswara-thathvam. You have to note that
the brahma-sabdam denotes the divya-dampathi -SrI & VishNu ie., SrIman
nArAyaNa is the para-brahman. On the other hand, bhU (bhUmi-dEvi) and nILA
dEvi are only in the jeeva-kOti. BhU and nILa are not Iswara-tatvams. They
jeeva tatvams. Therefore, bhU and nILa are declared in the SAstra as SarIram
(body) of SrI (lakshmI). BhU and nILA are therefore amSams of SrI (LakshmI).
Therefore, bhU and nILa are manifestations of SrI in SarIra-AtmA bhAvam
Therefore, SrI is different from bhU & nILa dEvis.

Best Wishes,

Malolan Cadambi

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