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From: Pradeep (
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 23:43:41 PDT

I have a request to the group. 

In this age where there are a lot of new people who make tall claims 
that they are God's incarnation and also have some following, in 
addition to some mystical powers that they exhibit sometimes, how 
does one go about culling out the wrong ones ? 

The aim of this group is to discuss Vaishnavism, but many times some 
of these fake gurus(only some, not all) claim to be lord's 
incarnations and tend to sway many a weak mind who's in search of a 
true Guru. 

Is it possible to create an awareness or post like true candid 
reviews/experiences whereby someone who wants to choose a guru gets 
atleast some idea & info on whom to rely/trust and so on, atleast 
whom to avoid ? 

It is my opinion that "Guru" :
1) is NOT a Profession -> like I was a lawyer/doctor/engineer and now 
I am a guru from tomorrow and get paid for my services / discourses/ 

2) is NOT a Post -> like I was a vice-chancellor and now I became a 
Chancellor by some process say experience or recommendation, 
seniority whatever. 

To me it seems logical that "Guru" is a state that someone attains to 
by the grace of god and is sent by God and is God himself in a human 
form. Please correct my views if I am wrong. 

But when such glory is to be attributed to a does one 
distinguish the true one from the rest. 

Its a thought that I have been having and request opinions & feedback 
from the other Bhagavathas of the group who might from their 
experience and knowledge can shed some light on this for the benefit 
of those who are in search of a true Guru for spiritual guidance. 

-- pradeep 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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