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Vedas and Archai

From: TCA Venkatesan (
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 13:57:10 PDT

Dear Bhaktaas,

I have a question about the Vedas and archai form
of worship. 

In the avathaarikai for amalanaadipiraan, Sri 
Azhagiya Manavalap Perumal Nayanar says that the 
Vedas touch upon the archaa rUpam of the Lord
even while immersed in talking about His paratvam.
I have also heard that vEdaantins from other
schools of thought state that the Vedas do not 
talk about His archaa form. 

Does this mean that there are no direct references
in the Vedas to archa roopam, and it is our acharyas
interpretations that certain passages in the Vedas 
speak of this form? If that is the case, can anyone 
help me identify those specific passages and our
acharya interpretations of the same. If not, please
help me with the specific statements that do talk
about the archaa rUpam.

If there is any book or article talking about the 
same, I would be glad to get the reference. Thanks.

adiyEn madhurakavi daasan
TCA VenkatEsan

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