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KurEsar's Sri VaradarAja Sthavam: Part VII

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Jun 23 2001 - 19:13:56 PDT

Dear BhakthAs of Lord VaradarAja PerumAL:

Our Lord of Kaanchi , Atthigiri AruLALa PerumAl
appeared before His Son , Chathur Mukha Brahma 
on a ChithrA Sukla Paksha Chathurdasi Sunday 
during the  morning hours , when Hastha nakshathram 
was in ascendance . He appeared out of the HomAgni,
of the AsvamEdha Yaaga Vethi. 

His Tejas was like that of crores of SooryAs at noon 
and He had a golden hue . He was like a giant mountain .
He appeared with His PuNya KOti VimAnam before all 
the priests , who officiated at the AsvamEdha Yaagam 
as well as before the wives of BrahmA (Sarasvathi,
Saavithri et al).He was like a SvarNa Parvatham .

The deva Dundhubis were heard and the Thirucchinna
Vaadhyams were played by Nithya Sooris. Swamy Desikan 
describes the avathAram scene at the Yaaga Vethi on 
the sacred Hasthi Giri:

perumaiudai Atthigirip PerumAL vanthAr
  pErAtha aruL pozhiyum PerumAL vanthAr
aru maRayin ucchi-tanil ninRAr vanthAr
  angamudan avaiyAhum aryOr vanthAr
ThiruurayAit thAmm poruLAi niRpAr vanthAr
  ThiruvaruLAl sezhum-kalaikaL tanthAr vanthAr
maruvalarkku mayakku uraikkum MaayOr vanthAr
  vAnERa vazhi TanthAr vanthAr  thAmE   

--Mey Viratha Maanmiyam: Paasuram 16 

(meaning ): The Hasthigiri Lord of indescribable 
glories has arrived . The Lord who drenches us with 
the cool rains of His permanent karuNai has arrived. 
The Lord saluted by the Upanishads has now arrived. He is 
the One , who is Veda Svaroopan with all its six angams .
He has now arrived. The great One , who shines as 
the artha svaroopam , while His PirAtti stands as 
Sabdha Svaroopam has indeed arrived. The compassionate One , 
who has given us the highest SaasthrAs has incarnated
here. The same One , who gives deluding Mohana saasthrams
to nonbelievers is standing in front of us. The Para Brahmam , 
who shows us the way to ascend to His Parama Padham 
has sanctified the Hasthi Giri now with His aavirbhAvam .

Swamy Desikan describes the Svayam JyOthi Purushan
Who arose from the Agni KuNdam in the 18th verse of 
Mey Viratha Maanmiyam this way : 
BrahmA and all those assembled for the performance of 
the AsvamEdha Yaagam could not take their eyes off the Lord 
of indescribable soundharyam. Atthigiri AruLALan's shining 
KirItam had the lustre of the Sun . His face was cool like
the chandra Mandalam . The makara Kundalams on both ears 
looked as though they were fighting with each other for 
attention . The divine mole of Srivathsam and Periya 
Piraatti were resplendent on His broad chest.With His 
mysterious stomach that houses all the sentient and 
insentient creations at the time of  the great deluge 
and with His sacred feet worshipped by the four VedhAs , 
the Para Brahmam gave His sevai to all. If one were to
compare , He was like the oasis in the middle of a scorching 
desert ; He was like a great  mountain that made Hasthigiri
bend under His immense weight ; He was like the radiant 
effulgence , which banished the darkness of nescience
forever; He was the Supreme object sought by BrahmA
through His grand Yaagam ; He shone as AntharyAmi Brahmam
in all of His creations.He stood out as the divine nectar
sought after by all the BhaagavathAs.

Swamy Desikan salutes Lord VaradarAjan as the PEraruLALan 
who is worshipped in all the Four Yugams in the 26th 
Paasuram of Mey Vratha Maanmiyam this way:

In the first Yugam of Krutha Yugam , This embodiment of
karunai appeared before Chathur Mukha Brahma at Hasthigiri.

In the next yugam of ThrEthA Yugam , He rushed with 
intense hurry to the side of the pond , where His 
dear Bhakthan , the King of Elephants(GajEndhran) 
was addressing Him as Aadhimoolam and cried out
for his protection from the jaws of the tormenting 
Crocodile . He saved the GajEndhran and acquired
the name of GajEndhra Varadhan.

In the third yugam of DhvAparam , Lord VaradharAjan 
removed the curse of Deva Guru, Bruhaspathi and
restored him to his former exalted posiiton.

In the fourth Yugam of Kali , He received AarAdhanam
from AdhisEshan , who wanted to have His sevai as 
VarAhAvathAran .Even today , AdhisEshan lives at 
an ant hill near the PushkaraNi named after him
(Anantha Saras) and performs AarAdhanam for His Lord.
Every 40 years , another archai of Lord VaradarAjan 
made from Atthi Wood comes out of His special abode 
under Anantha saras and gives us His Sevai and shares 
that Sevai with His NithyArAdhakan, AdhisEshan .

In the next posting , adiyEn will start with
Sri VaradarAja Sthavam's First slOkam and seek
the anugraham of Sri PerumdEvi SamEtha PeraruLALan 
to complete this kaimkaryam.

Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam 
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan     

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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