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Re: Digest Number 350

From: Vinjamuri Srimahavishnu (
Date: Sun Jun 24 2001 - 04:55:48 PDT


Dear Sriman Srikanth,


Detailed English commentary for Abheeti stavam is being  This published by Ubhaya Vedanta Sabha. This is an English translation by Sriman U.Ve..S.Rajajee of mylapore, chennai, to the detailed telugu commentary by Sriman U.Ve.N.V.L.N.Ramanujacharya.

Please send your postal address to, if u want to have a copy. you will be sent the book once it is released.


>Message: 7
>   Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 13:25:24 -0400
>   From: "Srikanth H.R." <>
>Subject: Abheetistavam
>Sashtanga Namaskarams to all Bhagavatas.
>Adiyen's name is Srikanth.Adiyen has been a silent
>reader and enjoyer of the various postings on the 
>bhakti list for the past 4 years.
>Adiyen has a small request.
>Is there a translation/explanation for the Abheetistavam
>composed by Swami Desikan, in the Bhakti list archives?
>If yes, kindly direct adiyen to the same.
>Else, it is an earnest request to the parama-bhagavatas in
>the list to provide an explanation/translation for the same.
>Swami Desikan Tiruvadigale saranam.

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