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KurEsar's Sri VaradarAja Sthavam: Part VI

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Jun 22 2001 - 12:57:13 PDT

Dear BhakthAs:

In the previous posting ,I referred to 
the bestowal of Jn~Ana Chakshus to KurEsar
by Lord VaradarAjan .

Over the period of time , Varadhan has blessed
many with eye sight after they lost that faculty 
to earn the Title of " Kacchi Tanil KaNN Kodukkum
PerumAL " by Swamy Desikan. 

In his 35th slOkam of Sri VaradharAja Sthavam ,
KurEsar has explained that the eyes of the Lord
of Kaanchi are : " karuNArasavaahi veekshaNOrmE: 
prEma-maya pravAha BhAja: dhrukchala sindhu:"
( That large ocean of eyes with the waves of DayA 
and flow of  deep vAthsalyam from them for 
His BhakthAs).  

Here are a few instances from PurANams that summarize 
who else besides KurEsar had received the boon of 
eye sight from the boon-granting Varadhan :

1) Haritha-vArana Bhruthyar/Pacchai VaaraNa PerumAL
ThoNdar, the Grand father of Thirukkacchi Nampi : 
He was blind from birth.KurEsar himself refers to him 
in Sundara Baahu Sthavam (SlOkam 126). This MahAn , who
devoted his life to the kaimkaryam of Poovirunthavalli
PerumAL (pacchai VaaraNar) had the greatest desire to
have the darsanam of PeraruLAL a perumAL atleast ONCE
in his life.The great boon-giving Varahdar invited 
Pacchai-VaaraNa PerumAL ThoNdar to come to Hasthigiri
with his grandson, Thirukkacchi Nampi and blessed 
him with eye sight ( Karigiri Varadha! HarithavArana 
Bhruthya samAhvayam apoorvkAm dhrusam alampaya yEva hi?).

2) There were twins by the name of Sankar-Vihithar,
who were known for their scholarship on Dharama
Saasthrams. Vihithar was blind from birth. Through
worship of Varadhan , he was blessed with eye sight.

3). Anthaka kavi VeerarAghava MudaliyAr gained his 
eye sight as well through the boon-giving prowess
of Varadhan . He was a great Tamil poet.

4). ArasANIppAlai VenkatAdhvari was a great Sanskrit
Scholar and poet. His eye sight began to fade at
one stage in his life. He composed 200 slOkams in
praise of Varadhan in his VishNu Sahsaram and got
his eye sight restored. These 1000 slOkams of
VishNu sahasram have 200 slOkams each on the following
5 dhivya desa EmperumAns: Sri RanganAthan, Thirumalaiappan,
VaradarAjan , Sundarabaahu of ThirumAlirum Cholai
and Thirukkudanthai AarAvamudhan. We have today the 200
slOkams of Vishnu Sahsaram dealing with Varahdan known
as SravaNAnandham alone available to us . This great
poet from whose vamsam , VaikuntaVaasi SevA Swamy arose(?),
is also the author of Lakshmi Sahsram on PerumdEvi ThAyAr
of Kanchipuram .

5) Dheeragatamas Maharishi , the son of Sage Udhathyar
who had lost his eyes even as an embryo due to the curse of
Bruhaspathi worshipped Lord Varadhan after birth and got
his eye sight restored according to ChEtlUr SrivathsAngAcchAr
Swamy .

Thus from Maha Rishi's times to that of AlavandhAr's time 
and onto KurEsA's time , Varadhan has blessed many with
eye sight after they lost that faculty and blessed them
with His darsana SoubhAgyam. AchArya RaamAnujA , who
had received the AaaRU Vaarthais from Lord VaradarAjan 
through Thirukkacchi Nampi , was fully aware of Varadhan's
history of restoring eye sight (Maamsa and Jn~Ana 
Chakshus)to those , who have lost them .Hence , AchArya
RaamAnujA took his prime disciple to Varadhan's sannadhi
to seek the restoration of eye sight by Varadhan.Out of
that visit arose the dhivya Sookthi of Sri VaradrAja Sthavam.

Atthigiri AruLALap PerumAL VanthAr 
 aanai pari thErin mEl Azhagar vanthAr 
 Karutha varam tharu Dhaivap perumAL VanthAr
Mutthi mazhai pozhiyum muhil VaNNar VanthAr 
 MoolamEyena Olam ida VallAr vanthAr
UttharavEdhikkuLLE UthitthAr vanthAr
 Umbar Thozhum kazhaludayAr VanthAr ThaamE

--Swamy Desikan's Meyviratha Maanmiyam: Paasuram 17  

(meaning): That Lord standing on top of Hasthigiri came.
That most beautiful One came on the back of elephant ,
horse and thEr. That parama DayALu , who blessed BhakthAs
with eye sight arrived. That generous One , who grants
the boons sought by His dear devotees has now arrived .
That Lord with the hue of rainy season cloud pouring
down the torrential rain of Moksham has indeed arrived . 
That One , who responded in great haste to the aartha dhvani 
(lamentation and sorrowful cry ) of GajEndhran (GajEndhra
Varadhan ) has come now. That One , who arose out of 
the Uttara Vedhi of Brahma on top of Hasthigiri has
arrived to stay.That Lord , DevarAjan , whose holy feet
are forever worshipped by Nithya Sooris has certainly
arrived now.

Sri VaradarAja ParabrahmaNE nama:
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan 



           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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