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Re: Re: God's Grace

From: Ramanan Rajagopalan (
Date: Thu Jun 21 2001 - 11:55:20 PDT

Sri. Mohan wrote:
Analogous to the rays of the sun, the Lord's Boundless Grace is 
> for
> everyone, everywhere, all the time, and with no other cause 
or motive
> other
> than His Unconditional Love which seeks to Protect and Save 
us.  What
> changes
> is how choose to respond to it, with apathy, with aversion, 
with selfish
> material interest, or with unconditional acceptance.  What is
> interesting is
> that even if we simply take note of it for just a moment, our 
> become
> blessed.
> But this does not answer the original question of why Arjuna 
was chosen
> over
> everyone else to receive the message of the Gita directly 
from Sri
> Krishna
> Himself. 

Dear Sri.Mohan:

Pranams! Thanks very much for a lucid posting written with 
sound logic in drawing analogy. 

I have few thoughts in my mind regarding why Arjuna was chosen 
as the one to listen to Gita from my understanding.

It was the act of refusal of Arjuna to fight with the Kauravas 
that lead to this Gita. If we can see the first chapter, all 
Arjuna does is , he laments. He was not made up mentally to 
fight against his Acharyas. That was when Krishna started with 
his teachings.
There is one Avatara Rahasya too in this Gita.
This was told long back by Krishna, as he reiterates this point 
in fourth chapter. Again this information is revealed by 
Krishna when Arjua asks to Krishna:

Oh! Lord Krishna you say that you told about this long back, so 
you also assume Body like me everytime you come to earth, I 
thought you are Paramathma.

Lord Krishna says that He comes with Body, but the major 
differnece he says is, Arjuna: Your body is just made up of 
Pancha Butha, but my body, rather Thrumeni is made up of vedas.

This point again is seen in the Anubavam of Tirumangai Alwar in 
TiruNedunthandagam about the Tirumanthiram, 

inthiraRkum piramaRkum mudhalvan Rannai
 irun^ilamkaal theen^eerviN bootham ainthaay,
senthiRattha thamizOsai vadasol laagith
 thisain^aan_gu maaytthingaL NYaayi Raagi,
andharatthil dhEvarkkum aRiya laagaa
 andhaNanai andhaNarmaat tanthi vaittha
mandhiratthai, mandhiratthaal maRavaa thenRum
 vaazhuthiyEl vaazhalaam madan^eNY sammE

If we could see the last 3 lines in this pasuram, Alwar gives a 
round-about explanation:

Andanar's property is nothing but Vedas. Those vedas are 
nothing but the elements which whenput together form the 
Tirumandiram Sriman.Narayana.

I hope to correct my mistakes if there are any. Please point 
them out.

I still have lot of thoughts on this topic.


Sri Ramanuja Dasan,
Ramanan Rajagopalan
 iruppidam vaikundham vEnkatam * mAlirunchOlaiyennum
poruppidam mAyanuk enbar nallOr * avai thannodum van
thiruppidam mAyan irAmAnusan manathinRavan van
thiruppidam * enRan idhayaththuLLE thanakkinpuRavE.

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